Haku "Surface"

Barnes, Keith - Above and Below the Surface, e-kirja

Above and Below the Surface

Barnes, Keith


The thoughts of Harold Smith, team priest/curate of the parish of Crispin Parva, are always stimulated by medieval carvings. In particular, a carving he has seen of a holy man being tempted by a harlot returns again and again to his mind. As he journeys…

Vickerman, John C. - Surface Analysis: The Principal Techniques, e-kirja

Surface Analysis: The Principal Techniques

Vickerman, John C.


This completely updated and revised second edition of Surface Analysis: The Principal Techniques, deals with the characterisation and understanding of the outer layers of substrates, how they react, look and function which are all of interest to surface

Tao, Feng - Functionalization of Semiconductor Surfaces, e-kirja

Functionalization of Semiconductor Surfaces

Tao, Feng


  Led by contributions from leading global research groups, the book discusses the functionalization of semiconductor surface. Dry organic reactions in vacuum and wet organic chemistry in solution are two major categories of strategies for functionalization

Rathbone, Andy - Surface For Dummies, e-kirja

Surface For Dummies

Rathbone, Andy


Make Microsoft's Surface work—and play—just the way you want it to
Microsoft's Surface tablet has the features and personality you're looking for, with a robust environment for business computing that doesn't skimp on fun. Surface

Rathbone, Andy - Surface For Dummies, e-kirja

Surface For Dummies

Rathbone, Andy


Clear the surface and make way for the new tablet from Microsoft!
As Microsoft's first foray into the tablet market, the Surface is packed with all the features you're looking for to stay entertained and get things done wherever you go.

Schulze, Volker - Modern Mechanical Surface Treatment, e-kirja

Modern Mechanical Surface Treatment

Schulze, Volker


The only comprehensive, systematic comparison of major mechanical surface treatments, their effects, and the resulting material properties. The result is an up-to-date, full review of this topic, collating the knowledge hitherto spread throughout many original papers.
The book begins

Holmberg, Krister - Surface Chemistry of Surfactants and Polymers, e-kirja

Surface Chemistry of Surfactants and Polymers

Holmberg, Krister


Chapter 3 looks at fundamental forces in surface and colloid chemistry. Chapter 4 covers self-assembly and 5 phase diagrams. Chapter 6 reviews advanced self-assembly while chapter 7 looks at complex behaviour. Chapters 8 to 10 cover polymer adsorption at solid

Leach, Richard - Characterisation of Areal Surface Texture, e-kirja

Characterisation of Areal Surface Texture

Leach, Richard


Correlation of Areal Surface Texture Parameters to Solar Cell Efficiency
Erik Novak, Nelson Blewett
11. Characterisation of Cylinder Liner Honing Textures for Production Control
Zlate Dimkovski, Cecilia Anderberg, Robert Ohlsson, B.-G. Rosén
12. Characterisation