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Hissel, Daniel - Electrical Energy Storage in Transportation Systems, e-kirja

Electrical Energy Storage in Transportation Systems

Hissel, Daniel


This book deals with the management and valuation of energy storage in electric power grids, highlighting the interest of storage systems in grid applications and developing management methodologies based on artificial intelligence tools. The authors

Simon, Patrice - Electrochemical Energy Storage, e-kirja

Electrochemical Energy Storage

Simon, Patrice


The electrochemical storage of energy has become essential in assisting the development of electrical transport and use of renewable energies. French researchers have played a key role in this domain but Asia is currently the market leader. Not wanting to see history repeat itself, France

Brunet, Yves - Energy Storage, e-kirja

Energy Storage

Brunet, Yves

Alk. 94,95€

Energy storage examines different applications such as electric power generation, transmission and distribution systems, pulsed systems, transportation, buildings and mobile applications. For each of these applications, proper energy storage technologies

Zito, Ralph - Energy Storage: A New Approach, e-kirja

Energy Storage: A New Approach

Zito, Ralph

Alk. 164,55€

Energy Storage: A New Approach presents practical solutions to the problem of energy storage on a massive scale.  This revolutionary book describes   technologies that include basic chemical concepts that engineers have been practicing for years, but

Godula-Jopek, Agata - Hydrogen Storage Technologies, e-kirja

Hydrogen Storage Technologies

Godula-Jopek, Agata


An exploration of current and possible future hydrogen storage technologies, written from an industrial perspective.
The book describes the fundamentals, taking into consideration environmental, economical and safety aspects, as well as presenting infrastructure requirements, with a special

Broom, Darren P. - Hydrogen Storage Materials, e-kirja

Hydrogen Storage Materials

Broom, Darren P.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Darren P. Broom
2. Potential Storage Materials
Darren P. Broom
3. Hydrogen Sorption Properties of Materials
Darren P. Broom
4. Gas Sorption Measurement Techniques
Darren P. Broom
5. Complementary Characterisation Techniques
Darren P. Broom
6. Experimental

Kolditz, Olaf - Models of Thermochemical Heat Storage, e-kirja

Models of Thermochemical Heat Storage

Kolditz, Olaf


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Christoph Lehmann, Olaf Kolditz, Thomas Nagel
2. Mathematical Model of the THC Processes in a Fixed Adsorbent Bed
Christoph Lehmann, Olaf Kolditz, Thomas Nagel
3. The FEM Simulation Software OpenGeoSys 6

Komarnicki, Przemyslaw - Electric Energy Storage Systems, e-kirja

Electric Energy Storage Systems

Komarnicki, Przemyslaw


Need for Storage. Practical Examples
Przemyslaw Komarnicki, Pio Lombardi, Zbigniew Styczynski
5. Storage Technologies and Systems
Przemyslaw Komarnicki, Pio Lombardi, Zbigniew Styczynski
6. Mobile Energy Storage