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Howard, Sara - Cleft Palate Speech: Assessment and Intervention, e-kirja

Cleft Palate Speech: Assessment and Intervention

Howard, Sara


The focus of this book is on speech production and speech processing associated with cleft palate, covering phonetic (perceptual and instrumental), phonological and psycholinguistic perspectives, and including coverage of implications for literacy and education, as well as cross-linguistic

Bowen, Caroline - Children's Speech Sound Disorders, e-kirja

Children's Speech Sound Disorders

Bowen, Caroline


Speaking directly to experienced and novice clinicians, educators and students in speech-language pathology/speech and language therapy via an informative essay-based approach, Children’s Speech

Murdoch, Bruce E. - Acquired Speech and Language Disorders, e-kirja

Acquired Speech and Language Disorders

Murdoch, Bruce E.


It is vital to have knowledge of the neuroanatomical structures and functional neurological mechanisms, which are disrupted in neurogenic speech/language, disordered persons in order to understand the speech/language deficits themselves.
This book

Body, Richard - Ethics in Speech and Language Therapy, e-kirja

Ethics in Speech and Language Therapy

Body, Richard


Ethics in Speech and Language Therapy is a key text for students, practitioners and managers alike. The demands of practice, legislation, registration and the recognition of competencies all point to the need for speech and language therapists to be

Morris, David - Dictionary of Communication Disorders, e-kirja

Dictionary of Communication Disorders

Morris, David


This dictionary provides clear and concise explanations of terms used in the field of speech, therapy pathology and relevant terms in related fields including augmentative, alternative communication, hearing, linguistic, medicine, phonetics/phonology