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Knodel, Jens - Pragmatic Evaluation of Software Architectures, e-kirja

Pragmatic Evaluation of Software Architectures

Knodel, Jens


How to Evaluate Architectures Effectively and Efficiently?
5. How to Perform the Driver Integrity Check (DIC)?
Jens Knodel, Matthias Naab
6. How to Perform the Solution Adequacy Check (SAC)?
Jens Knodel, Matthias Naab
7. How to Perform the Documentation

Avgeriou, Paris - Relating Software Requirements and Architectures, e-kirja

Relating Software Requirements and Architectures

Avgeriou, Paris


Emerging Issues in Relating Software Requirements and Architecture
J. Grundy, P. Avgeriou, J. Hall, P. Lago, I. Mistrik
18. Synthesizing Architecture from Requirements: A Genetic Approach
Outi Räihä, Hadaytullah Kundi, Kai Koskimies, Erkki Mäkinen

Henkel, Jörg - Reliable Software for Unreliable Hardware, e-kirja

Reliable Software for Unreliable Hardware

Henkel, Jörg


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Semeen Rehman, Muhammad Shafique, Jörg Henkel
2. Background and Related Work
Semeen Rehman, Muhammad Shafique, Jörg Henkel
3. Cross-Layer Reliability Analysis, Modeling, and Optimization
Semeen Rehman, Muhammad Shafique, Jörg Henkel
4. Software Program-Level Reliability

Hannig, Frank - FPGAs for Software Programmers, e-kirja

FPGAs for Software Programmers

Hannig, Frank


FPGA Versus Software Programming: Why, When, and How?
Dirk Koch, Daniel Ziener, Frank Hannig
2. High-Level Synthesis
João M. P. Cardoso, Markus Weinhardt
3. A Quick Tour of High-Level Synthesis Solutions for FPGAs
Frank Hannig
Part I. Commercial

Oussalah, Mourad Chabane - Software Architecture 1, e-kirja

Software Architecture 1

Oussalah, Mourad Chabane

Alk. 106,25€

Over the past 20 years, software architectures have significantly contributed to the development of complex and distributed systems. Nowadays, it is recognized that one of the critical problems in the design and development of any complex software