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Heilbron, Johan - The Rise of Social Theory, e-kirja

The Rise of Social Theory

Heilbron, Johan

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This book is a detailed and wide-ranging account of the birth of social theory as a distinctive and modern intellectual genre, providing a brilliant account of the "pre-history" of sociology and a vivid portrayal of intellectual culture between the Enlightenment

Giddens, Anthony - Social Theory and Modern Sociology, e-kirja

Social Theory and Modern Sociology

Giddens, Anthony


In this book Anthony Giddens addresses a range of issues concerning current developments in social theory, relating them to the prospects for sociology in the closing decades of the twentieth century.
Composed of closely integrated papers, all written

Inglis, David - An Invitation to Social Theory, e-kirja

An Invitation to Social Theory

Inglis, David


Social theory is a crucial resource for the social sciences. It provides rich insights into how human beings think and act and how contemporary social life is constructed. But

Offer, John - Herbert Spencer and Social Theory, e-kirja

Herbert Spencer and Social Theory

Offer, John


Table of contents
1. Introduction
John Offer
2. Early Spencer: Influences and Ideas
John Offer
3. Middle Spencer: Towards a Tapestry of the World
John Offer
4. Later Spencer: Crafting the Principles of Sociology, and Losing Hold
John Offer
5. Evolution and Mind
John Offer
6. Mind and

Dépelteau, François - Norbert Elias and Social Theory, e-kirja

Norbert Elias and Social Theory

Dépelteau, François


Past and Present in Sociological Theory: Some Similarities and Differences between Émile Durkheim and Norbert Elias
Enio Passiani
9. Norbert Elias and Émile Durkheim: Seeds of a Historical Sociology of Knowledge
Hector Vera
10. Irony as Vocation:

Davis, Lennard - Disability and Social Theory, e-kirja

Disability and Social Theory

Davis, Lennard


Table of contents
1. Introducing Disability and Social Theory
Dan Goodley, Bill Hughes, Lennard Davis
Part I. Cultures
2. Civilising Modernity and the Ontological Invalidation of Disabled People
Bill Hughes
3. Commodifying Autism: The Cultural Contexts of ‘Disability’ in the Academy
Rebecca Mallett,

Dingley, James - Nationalism, Social Theory and Durkheim, e-kirja

Nationalism, Social Theory and Durkheim

Dingley, James


Table of contents
1. Introduction
James Dingley
2. Durkheim, Sociology and Contemporary France
James Dingley
3. Nations and Nationalism
James Dingley
4. The Sociology of Emile Durkheim and Nationalism
James Dingley