Haku "Social History"

Stolleis, Michael - History of Social Law in Germany, e-kirja

History of Social Law in Germany

Stolleis, Michael


Social Protection in the Middle Ages and in the Early Modern State: Alms, Poor Relief [Armenpolizei], Care, Social Help
Michael Stolleis
3. III. Social Policy in the Empire: The Insurance Solution
Michael Stolleis

Bivins, Roberta - Medicine, Madness and Social History, e-kirja

Medicine, Madness and Social History

Bivins, Roberta


The Science of History and the Politics of Science
3. Porter versus Foucault on the ‘Birth of the Clinic’
Adrian Wilson
4. The ‘New History’ of the Enlightenment: An Essay in the Social

Burke, Peter - Social History of Knowledge: From Gutenberg to Diderot, e-kirja

Social History of Knowledge: From Gutenberg to Diderot

Burke, Peter


The book opens with an assessment of different sociologies of knowledge from Mannheim to Foucault and beyond, and goes on to discuss intellectuals as a social group and the social institutions (especially universities and academies) which encouraged or discouraged

Jung, Dietrich - Muslim History and Social Theory, e-kirja

Muslim History and Social Theory

Jung, Dietrich


Table of contents
1. Remaining Modern: An Introduction
Dietrich Jung
2. Multiple, Entangled, and Successive Modernities: Putting Modernity in the Plural
Dietrich Jung
3. Functional Differentiation, Theories of Emergence, and World Society:…

Ewen, Shane - What is Urban History?, e-kirja

What is Urban History?

Ewen, Shane


Urban history is a well-established and flourishing field of historical research. Written by a leading scholar, this short introduction demonstrates how urban history draws upon a wide variety of methodologies and sources, and has been integral to the