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Meskell, Lynn - Companion to Social Archaeology, e-kirja

Companion to Social Archaeology

Meskell, Lynn


The Companion to Social Archaeology is the first scholarly work to explore the encounter of social theory and archaeology over the past two decades.
Grouped into four sections - Knowledges, Identities, Places,

Bintliff, John - A Companion to Archaeology, e-kirja

A Companion to Archaeology

Bintliff, John


A Companion to Archaeology features essays from 27 of the world’s leading authorities on different types of archaeology that aim to define the field and describe what it means to be an archaeologist.
Shows that contemporary archaeology

Stark, Miriam T. - Archaeology of Asia, e-kirja

Archaeology of Asia

Stark, Miriam T.


This introduction to the archaeology of Asia focuses on case studies from the region’s last 10,000 years of history.
Comprises fifteen chapters by some of the world’s foremost Asia archaeologistsSheds light on the most compelling aspects of Asian archaeology,

Blake, Emma - The Archaeology of Mediterranean Prehistory, e-kirja

The Archaeology of Mediterranean Prehistory

Blake, Emma


This book offers a comprehensive introduction to the archaeology of Mediterranean prehistory and an essential reference to the most recent research and fieldwork.
Only book available to offer general coverage of Mediterranean prehistory Written by 14 of the leading archaeologists in

Alcock, Susan E. - Archaeologies of Memory, e-kirja

Archaeologies of Memory

Alcock, Susan E.


A unique collection of newly written essays by archaeologists working in a variety of contexts and geographical areas, Archaeologies of Memory is a groundbreaking text that presents a coherent framework for the study of memory in past societies.
Serves as an accessible introduction to

Preucel, Robert W. - Archaeological Semiotics, e-kirja

Archaeological Semiotics

Preucel, Robert W.


Explains why absolute foundations in archaeology are inadequate and looks at the alternatives. Highlights debates over the ontological and epistemological status of the discipline and evaluates current responses to these issues.Defines a new space for archaeological

Johnson, Matthew - Ideas of Landscape, e-kirja

Ideas of Landscape

Johnson, Matthew


Ideas of Landscape discusses the current theory and practice of landscape archaeology and offers an alternative agenda for landscape archaeology that maps more closely onto the established empirical strengths of landscape study and has more contemporary

Guilaine, Jean - The Origins of War: Violence in Prehistory, e-kirja

The Origins of War: Violence in Prehistory

Guilaine, Jean


Stretching across continents and centuries, The Origins of War: Violence in Prehistory provides a fascinating examination of executions, torture, ritual sacrifices, and other acts of violence committed in the prehistoric world.
Written as an accessible…