Haku "SD Management"

Mueller, David - Game Theory in Management Accounting, e-kirja

Game Theory in Management Accounting

Mueller, David


The SD-Prenucleolus for TU-Games: Coalitional Monotonicity and Core Stability
Javier Arin, Ilya Katsev
15. A Shapley Value for Games with Authorization Structure
José M. Gallardo, Nieves Jiménez, Andrés Jiménez-Losada
16. Placing Joint Orders When

Liem, André - Prospective Ergonomics, e-kirja

Prospective Ergonomics

Liem, André


This book argues for a prospective turn in ergonomics to challenge the established fields of strategic design (SD) and management. Its multi-disciplinary outlook builds upon concepts derived from Management, Innovation

Conran, Nicola - Sickle Cell Anemia, e-kirja

Sickle Cell Anemia

Conran, Nicola


Hemoglobin Sβ Thalassemia, SC Disease and SD Disease: Clinical and Laboratorial Aspects
Sara T. Olalla Saad, Simone O. Gilli
14. Sickle Cell Disease in Africa and the Arabian Peninsula: Current Management and Challenges

Hippe, Zdzisław S. - Human-Computer Systems Interaction, e-kirja

Human-Computer Systems Interaction

Hippe, Zdzisław S.


A Discrete Dynamic System Approach to Studying Project Management Processes Using the General Theory of Linear Max Plus Systems
J. Raszka, L. Jamroż
6. Human Interaction in Planning Chemical Syntheses. Some Problems of Retro-Synthesis
Z. S. Hippe