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Hammes, Gordon G. - Spectroscopy for the Biological Sciences, e-kirja

Spectroscopy for the Biological Sciences

Hammes, Gordon G.


Spectroscopy for the Biological Sciences provides students and professionals with a working knowledge of the physical chemical aspects of spectroscopy, along with their applications to important biological problems.
Designed as a companion to Professor Hammes's

Krauss, Gerhard - Biochemistry of Signal Transduction and Regulation, e-kirja

Biochemistry of Signal Transduction and Regulation

Krauss, Gerhard


Directed at advanced students, teachers, and researchers in biochemistry and molecular biology, this book describes the molecular basis of signal transduction, regulated gene expression, the cell cycle, tumorigenesis and apoptosis.
From the reviews of the

Ishii, Yoshiharu - Single Molecule Dynamics in Life Science, e-kirja

Single Molecule Dynamics in Life Science

Ishii, Yoshiharu


In this first comprehensive resource to cover the application of single molecule techniques to biological measurements, the pioneers in the field show how to both set up and interpret a single molecule experiment.
Following an introduction to single…

Sigel, Astrid - Biomineralization: From Nature to Application, e-kirja

Biomineralization: From Nature to Application

Sigel, Astrid


Biomineralization is a hot topic in the area of materials, and this volume in the Metals Ions in Life Sciences series takes a systematic approach, dealing with all aspects from the fundamentals to applications. Key biological features of biomineralization,

Quick, Michael W. - Transmembrane Transporters, e-kirja

Transmembrane Transporters

Quick, Michael W.


A must-have far-reaching text that provides readers with a state-of-the-art molecule update on transmembrane transporters, focusing on the methodological approaches currently employed to better understand how transporters work and how they can be used…