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Porteous, Andrew - Dictionary of Environmental Science and Technology, e-kirja

Dictionary of Environmental Science and Technology

Porteous, Andrew


This superb and highly-acclaimed dictionary includes over 4000 in-depth entries on scientific and technical terminology associated with environmental protection and resource management. In addition, it contains numerous illustrations, a wide range of international case studies and extensive

Boersema, Jan J. - Principles of Environmental Sciences, e-kirja

Principles of Environmental Sciences

Boersema, Jan J.


Reconstructing Environmental Changes over the Last 3 Million Years
A. M. Mannion
4. Environmental History: Object of Study and Methodology
Petra J. E. M. Dam, S. Wybren Verstegen
5. Human Environmental History Since

Ehlers, Eckart - Earth System Science in the Anthropocene, e-kirja

Earth System Science in the Anthropocene

Ehlers, Eckart


Managing Global Change: Earth System Science in the Anthropocene
Eckart Ehlers, Thomas Krafft
3. The “Anthropocene”
Paul J. Crutzen
4. Sustainability Science
Jill Jäger
5. What about Complexity of Earth Systems?
Horst J. Neugebauer

Capdevila-Argüelles, Laura - Issues in Bioinvasion Science, e-kirja

Issues in Bioinvasion Science

Capdevila-Argüelles, Laura


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Laura Capdevila-Argüelles, Bernardo Zilletti
2. Invasion biology of Australian ectomycorrhizal fungi introduced with eucalypt plantations into the Iberian Peninsula
Jesús Díez
3. Phenological and…

Lichtfouse, Eric - Environmental Chemistry, e-kirja

Environmental Chemistry

Lichtfouse, Eric


Mechanochemistry: An Old Technology with New Applications to Environmental Issues. Decontamination of Polychlorobiphenyl-Contaminated Soil by High-Energy Milling in the Solid State with Ternary Hydrides
M. Aresta, A. Dibenedetto, T. Pastore
51. Development

Leonard, Liam - The Environmental Movement in Ireland, e-kirja

The Environmental Movement in Ireland

Leonard, Liam


Irish Environmental Activism: From Woodquay to the ‘Celtic Tiger’
3. The Environmental Protection Agency and the Irish Green Party
2. Communities
4. Rural Sentiment and the Irish Environmental Movement
5. Rural