Haku "Relativity and Cosmology"

Weinberg, Steven - Cosmology, e-kirja


Weinberg, Steven


This is a uniquely comprehensive and detailed treatment of the theoretical and observational foundations of modern cosmology, by a Nobel Laureate in Physics. It gives up-to-date and self contained accounts of the theories and observations that have made the past few decades a golden age

Fischer, Kurt - Relativity for Everyone, e-kirja

Relativity for Everyone

Fischer, Kurt


Table of contents
1. Light, Matter, and Energy
Kurt Fischer
2. Light, Time, Mass, and Length
Kurt Fischer
3. Light, Electricity, and Magnetism
Kurt Fischer
4. Acceleration and Inertia
Kurt Fischer
5. Inertia and Gravity
Kurt Fischer
6. Equivalence Principle in Action
Kurt Fischer

Hraskó, Péter - Basic Relativity, e-kirja

Basic Relativity

Hraskó, Péter


Table of contents
1. From Time Dilation to E 0 = mc 2
Péter Hraskó
2. The Lorentz-Transformation
Péter Hraskó
3. General Relativity
Péter Hraskó
4. Concluding Remarks
Péter Hraskó
5. Selected Problems…

Petkov, Vesselin - Relativity and the Nature of Spacetime, e-kirja

Relativity and the Nature of Spacetime

Petkov, Vesselin


Table of contents
2. Introduction
Vesselin Petkov
3. On the Impossibility of Detecting Uniform Motion
Vesselin Petkov
4. Exploring the Internal Logic of Galileo’s Principle of Relativity
Vesselin Petkov
5. Relativity in Euclidean Space and in Spacetime
Vesselin Petkov
6. Relativity and the

Benedetto, Elmo - De Sitter Projective Relativity, e-kirja

De Sitter Projective Relativity

Benedetto, Elmo


De Sitter Relativity: A Sixty-Year-Long Story
Ignazio Licata, Leonardo Chiatti, Elmo Benedetto
2. Steps Towards the De Sitter Relativity
Ignazio Licata, Leonardo Chiatti, Elmo Benedetto
3. Projective Special Relativity
Ignazio Licata, Leonardo

Roos, Matts - Introduction to Cosmology, e-kirja

Introduction to Cosmology

Roos, Matts


The Fourth Edition of Introduction to Cosmology provides a concise, authoritative study of cosmology at an introductory level. Starting from elementary principles and the early history of cosmology, the text carefully

Boeyens, Jan C. A. - Chemical Cosmology, e-kirja

Chemical Cosmology

Boeyens, Jan C. A.


Table of contents
1. Introductory Synopsis
Jan C. A. Boeyens
2. History
Jan C. A. Boeyens
3. World Geometry
Jan C. A. Boeyens
4. Physical Evidence
Jan C. A. Boeyens
5. Chemical Evidence
Jan C. A. Boeyens
6. Standard…