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Oleson, Christina V. - Osteoporosis Rehabilitation, e-kirja

Osteoporosis Rehabilitation

Oleson, Christina V.


Table of contents
1. Introduction to Osteoporosis
Christina V. Oleson
2. Causes and Risk Factors of Osteoporosis
Christina V. Oleson, Amanda B. Morina
3. Diagnosis of Osteoporosis
Christina V. Oleson
4. Prevention of Osteoporosis

Niebauer, Josef - Cardiac Rehabilitation Manual, e-kirja

Cardiac Rehabilitation Manual

Niebauer, Josef


Cardiac Rehabilitation in Specific Cases
4. Exercise Training in Cardiac Rehabilitation
Birna Bjarnason-Wehrens, Martin Halle
5. Angina Pectoris
Dumitru Zdrenghea, Dana Pop
6. Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 and Cardiovascular Disease
David Niederseer,

Gebharter, Elisabeth - Bildnerei in der neurologischen Rehabilitation, e-kirja

Bildnerei in der neurologischen Rehabilitation

Gebharter, Elisabeth


Die Neurologische Rehabilitation nach Schädel-Hirn-Trauma
3. Bildnerische Wahrnehmung und bildnerischer Ausdruck in der Neurologie
4. Grundlagen einer Kunsttherapie bei Schädel-Hirn-Trauma-PatientInnen nach Karl-Heinz Menzen
5. Lernen und bildnerische Vorerfahrungen

Didier, Jean-Pierre - Rethinking physical and rehabilitation medicine, e-kirja

Rethinking physical and rehabilitation medicine

Didier, Jean-Pierre


The International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF), a unifying model for physical and rehabilitation medicine (PRM)
Gerold Stucki, Alexandra Rauch
3. Rehabilitation and norms
Jean-Marc Mouillie, Virginie Saoût, Isabelle Richard

Martz, Erin - Trauma Rehabilitation After War and Conflict, e-kirja

Trauma Rehabilitation After War and Conflict

Martz, Erin


Introduction to Trauma Rehabilitation After War and Conflict
Erin Martz
2. Exploring the Trauma Membrane Concept
Erin Martz, Jacob Lindy
3. Forgiveness and Reconciliation in Social Reconstruction After Trauma
Everett L. Worthington, Jamie D. Aten

Niebauer, Josef - Cardiac Rehabilitation Manual, e-kirja

Cardiac Rehabilitation Manual

Niebauer, Josef


Cardiac Rehabilitation After Acute Myocardial Infarction: The Influence of Psychosocial Disorders
Werner Benzer
8. Stable Coronary Artery Disease: Exercise-Based Cardiac Rehabilitation Reduces the Risk of Recurrent Angina

Bellachioma, Silvia - Shoulder Surgery Rehabilitation, e-kirja

Shoulder Surgery Rehabilitation

Bellachioma, Silvia


Table of contents
1. Proximal Humeral Fractures
Giovanni Giacomo, Silvia Bellachioma, Elena Silvestri
2. Shoulder Replacement
John E. Kuhn, Rebecca N. Dickinson, Woodley Desir
3. Traumatic Anteroinferior Instability
Giovanni Giacomo, Todd S. Ellenbeker, Elena Silvestri, Silvia Bellachioma
4. Rehabilitation