Haku "Regional/Spatial Science"

Sonis, Michael - Tool Kits in Regional Science, e-kirja

Tool Kits in Regional Science

Sonis, Michael


Socio-Spatial Dynamics and Discrete Non-Linear Probabilistic Chains
Michael Sonis, Dimitrios S. Dendrinos
9. Principles of Neural Spatial Interaction Modeling
Manfred M. Fischer
10. Quick but not so Dirty ML Estimation

McMillen, Daniel P. - Quantile Regression for Spatial Data, e-kirja

Quantile Regression for Spatial Data

McMillen, Daniel P.


Table of contents
1. Quantile Regression: An Overview
Daniel P. McMillen
2. Linear and Nonparametric Quantile Regression
Daniel P. McMillen
3. A Quantile Regression Analysis of Assessment Regressivity
Daniel P. McMillen
4. Quantile Version of the Spatial AR Model
Daniel P. McMillen
5. Conditionally

Pachura, Piotr - Regional Cohesion, e-kirja

Regional Cohesion

Pachura, Piotr


Table of contents
1. Introduction – Thesis and Research Methodology
Piotr Pachura
2. Clustering and Networking in Regional Policy
Piotr Pachura
3. Cluster and Network Approach in Regional Development
Piotr Pachura
4. Regional Disparities in EU
Piotr Pachura
5. Regional Clustering Based on

Elhorst, J. Paul - Spatial Econometrics, e-kirja

Spatial Econometrics

Elhorst, J. Paul


Linear Spatial Dependence Models for Cross-Section Data
J. Paul Elhorst
3. Spatial Panel Data Models
J. Paul Elhorst
4. Dynamic Spatial Panels: Models, Methods and Inferences
J. Paul Elhorst

Páez, Antonio - Progress in Spatial Analysis, e-kirja

Progress in Spatial Analysis

Páez, Antonio


Progress in Spatial Analysis: Introduction
Antonio Páez, Julie Gallo, Ron N. Buliung, Sandy Dall’Erba
2. Omitted Variable Biases of OLS and Spatial Lag Models
R. Kelley Pace, James P. LeSage
3. Topology, Dependency Tests and Estimation Bias in Network

Reggiani, Aura - Complexity and Spatial Networks, e-kirja

Complexity and Spatial Networks

Reggiani, Aura


Table of contents
1. Simplicity in Complex Spatial Systems
Aura Reggiani, Peter Nijkamp
2. The “Thermodynamics” of the City
Alan Wilson
3. Macro and Micro Dynamics of the City Size Distribution
Lucien Benguigui, Efrat Blumenfeld-Lieberthal, Michael Batty
4. A Morphogenetic Perspective on Spatial

Mitze, Timo - Empirical Modelling in Regional Science, e-kirja

Empirical Modelling in Regional Science

Mitze, Timo


A Panel VAR Approach for Internal Migration Modelling and Regional Labor Market Dynamics in Germany
Timo Mitze
3. Testing the Neoclassical Migration Model: Overall and Age-Group Specific Results for German Regions
Timo Mitze
4. Space–Time Dependence