Haku "Postmodern Literature"

George, Joseph - Postmodern Suburban Spaces, e-kirja

Postmodern Suburban Spaces

George, Joseph


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Nowhere to Now Here
Joseph George
2. Chapter 1: Against Fence Thinking: Welcoming the Racial Enemy
Joseph George
3. Chapter 2: My Home Is Your Home: Property, Propriety, and Neighbors
Joseph George

Smith, Kevin Paul - The Postmodern Fairytale, e-kirja

The Postmodern Fairytale

Smith, Kevin Paul


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Kevin Paul Smith
2. The Eight Elements of Intertextual Use of Fairytales
Kevin Paul Smith
3. Architextual/Chronotopic Intertextuality and Magic Realism in Kate Atkinson’s Human Croquet

Cruz, Décio Torres - Postmodern Metanarratives, e-kirja

Postmodern Metanarratives

Cruz, Décio Torres


On Words and Meanings: Contradictions of the Modern or Postmodern Contradictions?
Décio Torres Cruz
3. Literature and Film: A Brief Overview of Theory and Criticism
Décio Torres Cruz
4. Blurring Genres: Dissolving Literature

Huber, Irmtraud - Literature after Postmodernism, e-kirja

Literature after Postmodernism

Huber, Irmtraud


Post-post, Beyond and Back: Literature in the Wake of Postmodernism
Irmtraud Huber
3. Pragmatic Fantasies: From Subversion to Reconstruction
Irmtraud Huber
Part II. Reconstructive Readings
4. Leaving the Postmodernist Labyrinth: Mark Z. Danielewski’s