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Bruce, Duncan W. - Porous Materials, e-kirja

Porous Materials

Bruce, Duncan W.


In the past few decades, the increasingly routine use of advanced structural probes for studying the structure and dynamics of the solid state has led to some dramatic developments in the field of porous solids. These materials are fundamental in a diverse range of applications, such as

Canck, Els De - Introduction to Porous Materials, e-kirja

Introduction to Porous Materials

Canck, Els De


The first comprehensive textbook on the timely and rapidly developing topic of inorganic porous materials 
This is the first textbook to completely cover a broad range of inorganic porous materials. It introduces the reader to the development of

Zhang, Qiang - Advanced Hierarchical Nanostructured Materials, e-kirja

Advanced Hierarchical Nanostructured Materials

Zhang, Qiang


An overview of the recent developments and prospects in this highly topical area, covering the synthesis, characterization, properties and applications of hierarchical nanostructured materials. The book concentrates on those materials relevant for research

Civan, Faruk - Porous Media Transport Phenomena, e-kirja

Porous Media Transport Phenomena

Civan, Faruk


The book that makes transport in porous media accessible to students and researchers alike
Porous Media Transport Phenomena covers the general theories behind flow and transport in porous media—a solid permeated by a network of pores filled with

Bettotti, Paolo - Submicron Porous Materials, e-kirja

Submicron Porous Materials

Bettotti, Paolo


Synthesis Strategies and Emerging Catalytic Applications of Siliceous Materials with Hierarchically Ordered Porosity
Jean-Philippe Dacquin, Carmen Ciotonea, Sébastien Royer
8. Porous Silicon: From Optical Sensor to Drug Delivery System
Chiara Piotto,

Su, Bao-Lian - Hierarchically Structured Porous Materials, e-kirja

Hierarchically Structured Porous Materials

Su, Bao-Lian


This first book devoted to this hot field of science covers materials with bimodal, trimodal and multimodal pore size, with an emphasis on the successful design, synthesis and characterization of all kinds of hierarchically porous materials

Cameron, Neil R. - Porous Polymers, e-kirja

Porous Polymers

Cameron, Neil R.

Alk. 131,65€

This book gathers the various aspects of the porous polymer field into one volume. It not only presents a fundamental description of the field, but also describes the state of the art for such materials and provides a glimpse into the future. Emphasizing