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Perrault, Sarah Tinker - Communicating Popular Science, e-kirja

Communicating Popular Science

Perrault, Sarah Tinker


Table of contents
Part I. Foundations
1. Popular Science Writing: Problems and Potential
Sarah Tinker Perrault
2. Theoretical and Analytical Framework
Sarah Tinker Perrault
3. A Brief History of Science Popularization
Sarah Tinker Perrault
4. Practitioner Perspectives on their Craft
Sarah Tinker

Brotherton, Michael - Science Fiction by Scientists, e-kirja

Science Fiction by Scientists

Brotherton, Michael


Table of contents
1. Down and Out
Ken Wharton
2. The Tree of Life
Jennifer Rohn
3. Supernova Rhythm
Andrew Fraknoi
4. Turing de Force
Edward M. Lerner
5. Neural Alchemist
Tedd Roberts
6. Hidden Variables

Street, John - Politics and Popular Culture, e-kirja

Politics and Popular Culture

Street, John


In an age where film stars become presidents and politicians appear in pop videos, politics and popular culture have become inextricably interlinked. In this exciting new book, John Street provides a broad survey and analysis of this relationship.

Sethi, Anil - From Science to Startup, e-kirja

From Science to Startup

Sethi, Anil


Table of contents
1. Prologue
Anil Sethi
2. Are You Meant to Be an Entrepreneur?
Anil Sethi
3. Ideas to Shoot and Root for
Anil Sethi
4. Technology Evaluation: Is It Ripe for Commercialisation?
Anil Sethi
5. The Team:…

Stokke, Kristian - Rethinking Popular Representation, e-kirja

Rethinking Popular Representation

Stokke, Kristian


School Provision, the Capacity to Aspire, and the State of Popular Representation in West Bengal
Neil Webster
6. The Politics of Gradualismo: Popular Participation and Decentralised Governance in Mozambique
Lars Buur

Lente, Dick - The Nuclear Age in Popular Media, e-kirja

The Nuclear Age in Popular Media

Lente, Dick


Introduction: A Transnational History of Popular Images and Narratives of Nuclear Technologies in the First Two Postwar Decades
Dick Lente
2. Shaping the Soviet Experience of the Atomic Age: Nuclear Topics in Ogonyok, 1945–1965
Sonja D. Schmid

Geraghty, Lincoln - Popular Media Cultures, e-kirja

Popular Media Cultures

Geraghty, Lincoln


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Fans and Paratexts
Lincoln Geraghty
Part I. Writing in the Margins
2. “We Put the Media in (Anti)social Media”: Channel 4’s Youth Audiences, Unofficial Archives and the Promotion of Second-Screen…