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Gunnell, John G. - Political Theory and Social Science, e-kirja

Political Theory and Social Science

Gunnell, John G.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
John G. Gunnell
2. In Search of Political Theory
John G. Gunnell
3. Social Scientific Inquiry and the Metapractical Voice
John G. Gunnell
4. Fear of Conventions
John G. Gunnell
5. Engaging Wittgenstein
John G. Gunnell
6. Social Science and Justice

Gschwend, Thomas - Research Design in Political Science, e-kirja

Research Design in Political Science

Gschwend, Thomas


Introduction: Designing Research in Political Science — A Dialogue between Theory and Data
Thomas Gschwend, Frank Schimmelfennig
Part I. Research Problem
2. Increasing the Relevance of Research Questions: Considerations

Kittel, Bernhard - Experimental Political Science, e-kirja

Experimental Political Science

Kittel, Bernhard


Introduction: Experimental Political Science in Perspective
Bernhard Kittel, Rebecca B. Morton
Part I. Overview
2. Voting Behavior and Political Institutions: An Overview of Challenging

Parsons, Craig - How to Map Arguments in Political Science, e-kirja

How to Map Arguments in Political Science

Parsons, Craig


As essential and accessible introduction and critique of the main types of explantion in political science. Essential reading for students and scholars alike. - ;To venture into explanation of political action we

Bruter, Michael - Political Science Research Methods in Action, e-kirja

Political Science Research Methods in Action

Bruter, Michael


Decoding Manifestos and Other Political Texts: The Case of Extreme-Right Ideology
Sarah Harrison
4. Reaction Time Measures in Implicit Attitudes Research
Brad Verhulst, Milton Lodge
5. Studying Party Choice
Mark N. Franklin, Maja Renko
6. Into

Merrill, Roberto - Political Neutrality, e-kirja

Political Neutrality

Merrill, Roberto


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Roberto Merrill
Part I. General Approaches
2. Neutrality and Political Liberalism
Richard J. Arneson
3. The Possibility and Desirability of Neutrality
Peter Marneffe
4. Perfectionist Neutrality
Steven Wall
5. Expressive Neutrality
Kwame Anthony Appiah

Morgenthau, Hans J. - The Concept of the Political, e-kirja

The Concept of the Political

Morgenthau, Hans J.


The Concept of the Political and the Theory of International Disputes
5. Introduction
Hans J. Morgenthau
6. On the Concept of Legal Disputes
Hans J. Morgenthau
7. The Concept of the Political
Hans J. Morgenthau
8. On the Concept of Political

Elgie, Robert - Political Leadership, e-kirja

Political Leadership

Elgie, Robert


Table of contents
1. Making Sense of the World
Robert Elgie
2. Making Sense of Leadership Outcomes
Robert Elgie
3. The Psychological Effects of Presidential Institutions: written by David Doyle and Robert Elgie
Robert Elgie