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Arestis, Philip - New Economics as Mainstream Economics, e-kirja

New Economics as Mainstream Economics

Arestis, Philip


Towards a ‘New Economics’: Values, Resources, Money, Markets, Growth and Policy
Terry Barker
3. On the Possible Replacement of the Efficient-Market Hypothesis: Social Efficiency as a ‘Thick’ Approach to Financial Policy
Gary A. Dymski
4. From

Cacheux, Jacques - Fruitful Economics, e-kirja

Fruitful Economics

Cacheux, Jacques


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Fitoussi’s Fruitful Economics
Éloi Laurent, Jacques Cacheux
2. Prologue: The Measurement of the Economic World
Kenneth J. Arrow
3. Reconstructing Macroeconomic Theory to Manage Economic Policy

Junankar, P. N. Raja - Economics of Immigration, e-kirja

Economics of Immigration

Junankar, P. N. Raja


Table of contents
1. Introduction
1. Introduction
P. N. Raja Junankar
2. Impact of Immigration on Recipient Economy
2. Immigration and the Australian Macroeconomy: Perspective and Prospective
P. N. Raja Junankar, David Pope, Glenn…

Petrescu, Alina I. - The Economics of Brexit, e-kirja

The Economics of Brexit

Petrescu, Alina I.


Table of contents
1. Was There Really an Economic Consensus on Brexit?
Philip B. Whyman, Alina I. Petrescu
2. The Fiscal Impact of Brexit
Philip B. Whyman, Alina I. Petrescu
3. Brexit and Trade
Philip B. Whyman, Alina I. Petrescu

Smith, Ron - Military Economics, e-kirja

Military Economics

Smith, Ron


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Ron Smith
2. Power and Money
Ron Smith
3. Security: Are We Safe?
Ron Smith
4. Military Spending: How Much Is Enough?
Ron Smith
5. Force Acquisition I, Demand: The Biggest Bang for a…

Gilauri, Nika - Practical Economics, e-kirja

Practical Economics

Gilauri, Nika


Table of contents
1. Carpe Diem
Nika Gilauri
2. Fighting Corruption
Nika Gilauri
3. Rightsizing Fiscal and Monetary Policies
Nika Gilauri
4. Creating a Business-Friendly Climate
Nika Gilauri
5. Reforming Taxes and Customs

Ferrero, Mario - The Political Economy of Theocracy, e-kirja

The Political Economy of Theocracy

Ferrero, Mario


On the Economics of the Socialist Theocracy of the Jesuits in Paraguay (1609–1767)
Walter Nonneman
7. Combining Autocracy and Majority Voting: The Canonical Succession Rules of the Latin Church
Luisa Giuriato
Part III. Theocracy, Trust, and Morals

Xiao, Lin - New Supply Side Economics, e-kirja

New Supply Side Economics

Xiao, Lin


Theoretical Comparison of Supply Side Economics and Demand Side Economics
Lin Xiao
2. Generation and Development of the Structural Reform on the Supply Side in the Global Perspective
Lin Xiao
3. Policy and Assessment of Structural Reform on the Supply

Carmalt, S.W. - The Economics of Oil, e-kirja

The Economics of Oil

Carmalt, S.W.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
S. W. Carmalt
2. Oil Company Finances
S. W. Carmalt
3. Some Basics of Petroleum Geology
S. W. Carmalt
4. Peak Oil
S. W. Carmalt
5. Energy in the Economy
S. W. Carmalt
6. Oil’s Future Role in the Economy
S. W. Carmalt
7. Political Issues