Haku "Planning"

Allmendinger, Philip - Planning Theory, e-kirja

Planning Theory

Allmendinger, Philip


Planning theory has undergone significant changes during the past two decades. This book provides a wide-ranging and up-to-date analysis of these changes, how they relate to planning practice and their significance. It will be of use to students and

Gaffikin, Frank - Planning in Divided Cities, e-kirja

Planning in Divided Cities

Gaffikin, Frank


Does planning in contested cities inadvertedly make the divisions worse?  The 60s and 70s saw a strong role of planning, social engineering, etc but there has since been a move towards a more decentralised ‘community planning’ approach.

Streng, William P. - Estate Planning, e-kirja

Estate Planning

Streng, William P.


Plan ahead: estate planning to secure your wishes
Estate Planning is your overview of the estate planning concepts that are necessary to consider when advising your clients about the different facets of wealth

Riddell, Robert - Sustainable Urban Planning: Tipping the Balance, e-kirja

Sustainable Urban Planning: Tipping the Balance

Riddell, Robert


Sustainable Urban Planning introduces the principles and practices behind urban and regional planning in the context of environmental sustainability.
This timely text introduces the principles and practice behind urban and regional planning