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Hales, Steven D. - This Is Philosophy: An Introduction, e-kirja

This Is Philosophy: An Introduction

Hales, Steven D.


This is Philosophy: An Introduction offers an engagingly written introduction to philosophical concepts that include ethics, the existence of God, free will, personal identity, philosophy of mind, and epistemology. Conveys the excitement and importance

Williamson, Timothy - The Philosophy of Philosophy, e-kirja

The Philosophy of Philosophy

Williamson, Timothy


The second volume in the Blackwell Brown Lectures in Philosophy, this volume offers an original and provocative take on the nature and methodology of philosophy.
Based on public lectures at Brown University, given by the pre-eminent philosopher, Timothy Williamson Rejects the ideology

Joy, Morny - Continental Philosophy and Philosophy of Religion, e-kirja

Continental Philosophy and Philosophy of Religion

Joy, Morny


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Morny Joy
2. Paul Ricoeur: Hermeneutics, Philosophy and Religion
Morny Joy
3. Thinking Otherwise: Derrida’s Contribution to Philosophy of Religion
Ellen T. Armour
4. Levinas’s Project: An Interpretative Phenomenology of Sensibility and Intersubjectivity

Meister, Chad - Philosophy of Religion, e-kirja

Philosophy of Religion

Meister, Chad


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Chad Meister
2. Religious Diversity
Chad Meister
3. Concepts of God/Ultimate Reality
Chad Meister
4. Arguments about the Existence of God
Chad Meister
5. Problems of Evil and Suffering
Chad Meister
6. Religion, Science, and Miracles
Chad Meister

Mandik, Pete - This is Philosophy of Mind, e-kirja

This is Philosophy of Mind

Mandik, Pete


This is Philosophy of Mind presents students of philosophy with an accessible introduction to the core issues related to the philosophy of mind.Includes issues related to the mind-body problem, artificial intelligence,

Murphy, Mark C. - Philosophy of Law: The Fundamentals, e-kirja

Philosophy of Law: The Fundamentals

Murphy, Mark C.


The Philosophy of Law is a broad-reaching text that guides readers through the basic analytical and normative issues in the field, highlighting key historical and contemporary thinkers and offering a unified treatment of the various issues in the philosophy of law.
Enlivened with numerous,

Irwin, William - Superman and Philosophy: What Would the Man of Steel Do, e-kirja

Superman and Philosophy: What Would the Man of Steel Do

Irwin, William


Go beyond the cape and into the mind of the Man of Steel, in time for release of Zack Snyder's Man of Steel movie and Superman's 75th anniversary
He has thrilled millions for 75 years, with a legacy that transcends national, cultural, and generational borders, but is there more to the Man of Steel than just your average mythic

Dunn, George A. - Avatar and Philosophy: Learning to See, e-kirja

Avatar and Philosophy: Learning to See

Dunn, George A.


But beyond its cinematic splendour, can Avatar also offer us insights into business ethics, empathy, disability, and the relationship between mind and body? Can getting to know the Na’vi, an alien species, enlarge our vision and help us to “see” both our world and ourselves in new ways?