Haku "Organizational Studies"

Seirafi, Kasra - Organizational Epistemology, e-kirja

Organizational Epistemology

Seirafi, Kasra


Organizational Knowledge
1. Organization as Conceptual Distinction
Kasra Seirafi
2. The Relevance of Organizational Knowledge
Kasra Seirafi
3. The Application of Organizational

Rossignoli, Cecilia - Digital Technology and Organizational Change, e-kirja

Digital Technology and Organizational Change

Rossignoli, Cecilia


Business Designers, Organizational Networks and ICT
Giorgio Michelis
3. The State of the Practice of Agile and Plan-Driven Approaches in ICT Development Projects: An Exploratory Research Study
Carine Khalil
4. Affordances of Social Media in Knowledge

Fotaki, Marianna - The Psychosocial and Organization Studies, e-kirja

The Psychosocial and Organization Studies

Fotaki, Marianna


Re-theorizing Organizational Creativity through a Psychosocial Lens: Introducing the Radical Imagination of Cornelius Castoriadis
Aris Komporozos-Athanasiou, Marianna Fotaki
5. Disclosing Affect: A Freudian Inquiry into Organizational

Baskerville, Richard - Designing Organizational Systems, e-kirja

Designing Organizational Systems

Baskerville, Richard


Design and Normative Claims in Organization Studies: A Methodological Proposal
Francesca Ricciardi
3. Design Science Research as Movement Between Individual and Generic Situation-Problem–Solution Spaces
Ilia Bider, Paul Johannesson, Erik Perjons