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Assad, Arjang A. - Profiles in Operations Research, e-kirja

Profiles in Operations Research

Assad, Arjang A.


Table of contents
1. Patrick Blackett
Maurice W. Kirby, Jonathan Rosenhead
2. Steven Vajda
Jakob Krarup
3. Philip McCord Morse
Robert M. Oliver
4. John von Neumann
Saul I. Gass
5. Charles Frederick Goodeve

Fleuren, Hein - Operations Research Proceedings 2004, e-kirja

Operations Research Proceedings 2004

Fleuren, Hein


Vorstellung einer erweiterbaren Selbstlernumgebung „Operations Research“ als Beispiel für exploratives, Web-basiertes E-Learning im Hochschulumfeld
Michael Lutz, Johannes Kern
56. Partially Integrated Airline Crew

Johnson, Michael P. - Community-Based Operations Research, e-kirja

Community-Based Operations Research

Johnson, Michael P.


Community-Based Operations Research: Introduction, Theory, and Applications
Michael P. Johnson
2. “Community-Based Operations Research”
Michael P. Johnson, Karen Smilowitz
3. Operations Management in Community-Based

Helber, Stefan - Operations Research Proceedings 2012, e-kirja

Operations Research Proceedings 2012

Helber, Stefan


Table of contents
Part I. Award Winners
1. Product Line Design with Pricing Kits
Pascal Lutter
2. Sparsity of Lift-and-Project Cutting Planes
Matthias Walter
3. Railway Track Allocation
Thomas Schlechte
4. Integrating Routing Decisions in Network Problems
Marie Schmidt
5. Supply Chain Coordination

Hu, Bo - Operations Research Proceedings 2010, e-kirja

Operations Research Proceedings 2010

Hu, Bo


Judgment Based Analysis via an Interactive Learning Software for Modern Operations Research Education and Training
Arnold Dupuy, Victor Ishutkin, Stefan Pickl, Romana Tschiedel
99. Non-Linear Offline Time Synchronization

Fink, Andreas - Operations Research Proceedings 2016, e-kirja

Operations Research Proceedings 2016

Fink, Andreas


Table of contents
Part I. Dissertation Prizes
1. An Optimal Expansion Strategy for the German Railway Network Until 2030
Andreas Bärmann
2. On- and Offline Scheduling of Bidirectional Traffic
Elisabeth Lübbecke
3. Integrated Segmentation of Supply and Demand with Service Differentiation

Doerner, Kar - Operations Research Proceedings 2015, e-kirja

Operations Research Proceedings 2015

Doerner, Kar


Production, Operations Management, Supply Chains, Stochastic Models and Simulation
50. Change Point Detection in Piecewise Stationary Time Series for Farm Animal Behavior Analysis
Sandra Breitenberger, Dmitry Efrosinin, Wolfgang Auer, Andreas Deininger, Ralf