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Edwards, Steven D. - Philosophy of Nursing, e-kirja

Philosophy of Nursing

Edwards, Steven D.


Philosophy of Nursing An Introduction Reviews ' intellectually demanding, professionally challenging and rewarding as his previous work... relevant and informative.' - Peter Draper, Journal of Advanced Nursing Description This book provides

Freshwater, Dawn - Blackwell's Nursing Dictionary, e-kirja

Blackwell's Nursing Dictionary

Freshwater, Dawn


"This dictionary is clear, concise and easy to use…My advice to anyone wishing to purchase a nursing dictionary would be to…buy this one"
Journal of Advanced Nursing (on the first edition)
All the information you’ll ever need

Coumbe, Karen - Equine Veterinary Nursing, e-kirja

Equine Veterinary Nursing

Coumbe, Karen


The breadth and depth of expertise essential for equine veterinary nursing today is provided in this definitive textbook.  Thoroughly revised and updated in its second edition, and now fully illustrated in colour.  This book covers the content of the ever-expanding equine

Humphreys, Melanie - Nursing the Cardiac Patient, e-kirja

Nursing the Cardiac Patient

Humphreys, Melanie


Nursing the Cardiac Patient is a practical guide that addresses the management of cardiac patients across the spectrum of health care settings. It assists nurses to develop a complete understanding of the current evidence based practice and principles underlying the care and management of

Gerrish, Kate - The Research Process in Nursing, e-kirja

The Research Process in Nursing

Gerrish, Kate


This established textbook reflects thesignificant advances in nursing research and the importance ofevidence-based practice, and provides an invaluable resource forboth the novice and the more experienced researcher.
It includes practical information and advice

Armstrong, Alan E. - Nursing Ethics, e-kirja

Nursing Ethics

Armstrong, Alan E.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Alan E. Armstrong
2. Illness, Narratives and the Value of the Nurse-Patient Relationship
Alan E. Armstrong
3. The Virtues in General Ethics
Alan E. Armstrong
4. A Critique of Obligation-Based Moral Theories in General Ethics
Alan E. Armstrong
5. The Origins,

Schmeltzer, Linda E. - Nursing the Feline Patient, e-kirja

Nursing the Feline Patient

Schmeltzer, Linda E.


Nursing the Feline Patient is a comprehensive and accessible clinical manual addressing the unique nursing needs of cats.  Covering all aspects of feline nursing care from the examination room to the surgical

Kelly, Anne - Social Construction of Community Nursing, e-kirja

Social Construction of Community Nursing

Kelly, Anne


This book combines an analysis of policies which have shaped community nursing from the 19th century with an exploration of recent trends and developments. Illustrated throughout with examples of present responses to current policies, this book will be invaluable for

Kilgallon, Kate - Mentoring in Nursing and Healthcare: A Practical Approach, e-kirja

Mentoring in Nursing and Healthcare: A Practical Approach

Kilgallon, Kate


Mentorship in Nursing and Healthcare is a practical, interactive resource that promotes active participation and enhances a deeper level of understanding of mentorship. It explores what is meant by the process of mentoring, addresses what a mentor is, what the role entails, and gives practical