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Blancas, José - Ethnobotany of Mexico, e-kirja

Ethnobotany of Mexico

Blancas, José


Ethnobotany in Mexico: History, Development, and Perspectives
Andrés Camou-Guerrero, Alejandro Casas, Ana Isabel Moreno-Calles, Jahzeel Aguilera-Lara, David Garrido-Rojas, Selene Rangel-Landa, Ignacio Torres, Edgar Pérez-Negrón, Leonor Solís, José Blancas,

White, Liam - Mitchum, Mexico and the Good Neighbours Era, e-kirja

Mitchum, Mexico and the Good Neighbours Era

White, Liam


His films have often been seen through the lens of film noir, but they had something else in common too: the characters he played in Out of the Past, The Big Steal, His Kind of Woman, Second Chance, Where Danger Lives, and Angel Face seemed irrevocably drawn to Mexico.

Berger, Dina - The Development of Mexico’s Tourism Industry, e-kirja

The Development of Mexico’s Tourism Industry

Berger, Dina


Motoring to Mexico: Highways Hotels, and Lo Mexicano, 1936–1938
Dina Berger
5. “Vacationing with a Purpose”: Tourism Promotion on the Eve of World War II
Dina Berger
6. Pyramids by Day, Martinis by Night: Selling a Holiday in Mexico

Pinar, William F. - Curriculum Studies in Mexico, e-kirja

Curriculum Studies in Mexico

Pinar, William F.


Footprints and Marks on the Intellectual History of Curriculum Studies in Mexico: Looking toward the Second Decade of the Twenty-First Century
Alicia Alba
4. Curriculum Studies in Mexico: History and Current Circumstances

Berruecos, Susana - Mexico’s Struggle for Public Security, e-kirja

Mexico’s Struggle for Public Security

Berruecos, Susana


Introduction: Mexico’s Struggle against Organized Crime
George Philip
2. Mexico’s Fight for Security: Actions and Achievements
Alejandro Poiré
3. Organized Crime and Violence in Mexico, 2007–2010
Eduardo Guerrero
4. “Ya saben quién”:

Butler, Matthew - Faith and Impiety in Revolutionary Mexico, e-kirja

Faith and Impiety in Revolutionary Mexico

Butler, Matthew


Protestants, Freemasons, and Spiritists: Non-Catholic Religious Sociabilities and Mexico’s Revolutionary Movement, 1910–20
Jean-Pierre Bastian
5. Ethereal Allies: Spiritism and the Revolutionary Struggle in Hidalgo
Keith Brewster, Claire Brewster

Schatz, Sara - Murder and Politics in Mexico, e-kirja

Murder and Politics in Mexico

Schatz, Sara


Authorizing Political Killing in Mexico: The Importance of a Destructive Social Milieu
Sara Schatz
5. Disarming the Legal System: Impunity for the Political Murder of Dissidents in Mexico
Sara Schatz
6. Impunity and Electoral Challenges from Below: