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Battu, Daniel - New Telecom Networks: Enterprises and Security, e-kirja

New Telecom Networks: Enterprises and Security

Battu, Daniel


The actors involved also have the right to be heard: all those who have devoted their working lives to the collective effort of edifying networks can, of course, present their personal views about the evolution of the world of telecommunications, and thus provide invaluable

Battu, Daniel - Communication Networks Economy, e-kirja

Communication Networks Economy

Battu, Daniel


The rapid economic expansion of the Western countries during the XX century has favored the idea that Economy growth could be mathematically linked to the manufacturing processes and to a correct management and distribution of the common tools necessary…

Agha, Khaldoun Al - Mobile and Wireless Networks, e-kirja

Mobile and Wireless Networks

Agha, Khaldoun Al


This book presents the state of the art in the field of mobile and wireless networks, and anticipates the arrival of new standards and architectures. It focuses on wireless networks, starting with small personal area networks

Vaezi, Mojtaba - Cloud Mobile Networks, e-kirja

Cloud Mobile Networks

Vaezi, Mojtaba


Software-Defined Networks Principles and Use Case Scenarios
Mojtaba Vaezi, Ying Zhang
4. Virtualizing the Network Services: Network Function Virtualization
Mojtaba Vaezi, Ying Zhang
5. SDN/NFV Telco Case Studies
Mojtaba Vaezi, Ying Zhang

Holt, Alan - 802.11 Wireless Networks, e-kirja

802.11 Wireless Networks

Holt, Alan


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Alan Holt, Chi-Yu Huang
2. Radio Frequencies
Alan Holt, Chi-Yu Huang
3. Medium Access Control
Alan Holt, Chi-Yu Huang
4. Physical Layer
Alan Holt, Chi-Yu Huang
5. Cryptography

Lobiyal, Daya K. - Next-Generation Networks, e-kirja

Next-Generation Networks

Lobiyal, Daya K.


Implementing Chaotic and Synchronization Properties of Logistic Maps Using Artificial Neural Networks for Code Generation
Bijoy Kamal Bhattacharyya, Hemanta Kumar Sarmah, Kandarpa Kumar Sarma
44. Enhancement of LAN Infrastructure Performance for Data Center

Frikha, Mounir - Ad Hoc Networks: Routing, Qos and Optimization, e-kirja

Ad Hoc Networks: Routing, Qos and Optimization

Frikha, Mounir


This work presents ad hoc networks and their characteristics. It explains a new protocol of routing with QoS as well as its implementation in a network simulator and compares it with the existing protocols. The book discusses the principle of the load balancing, treats the approaches of

López, Víctor - Elastic Optical Networks, e-kirja

Elastic Optical Networks

López, Víctor


Table of contents
1. Motivation
Víctor López, Luis Velasco
2. Evolution from Wavelength-Switched to Flex-Grid Optical Networks
Andrew Lord, Yu Rong Zhou, Rich Jensen, Annalisa Morea, Marc Ruiz
3. Taking Advantage of Elastic Optical…