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Koskinen, Ari M. P. - Asymmetric Synthesis of Natural Products, e-kirja

Asymmetric Synthesis of Natural Products

Koskinen, Ari M. P.


Natural product synthesis has played a key role in the development of many synthetic methods and will continue to do so in the future. Many recent advances in such diverse fields as immunology, cellular biology and materials science have been achieved

Speight, James G. - Handbook of Natural Gas Analysis, e-kirja

Handbook of Natural Gas Analysis

Speight, James G.


A comprehensive resource to the origin, properties, and analysis of natural gas and its constituents
Handbook of Natural Gas Analysis is a comprehensive guide that includes information on the origin and analysis of natural

Majumdar, Krishna C. - Heterocycles in Natural Product Synthesis, e-kirja

Heterocycles in Natural Product Synthesis

Majumdar, Krishna C.


Clearly structured for easy access to the information, each chapter is devoted to a certain class of heterocycle, providing a tabular presentation of the natural products to be covered containing the particular heterocyclic ring system along with their biological profile,

Hsung, Richard P. - Efficiency in Natural Product Total Synthesis, e-kirja

Efficiency in Natural Product Total Synthesis

Hsung, Richard P.


Uniting the key organic topics of total synthesis and efficient synthetic methodologies, this book clearly overviews synthetic strategies and tactics applied in total synthesis, demonstrating how the total synthesis of natural products enables scientific and drug discovery.
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Chemat, Farid - Green Extraction of Natural Products: Theory and Practice, e-kirja

Green Extraction of Natural Products: Theory and Practice

Chemat, Farid


This book presents a complete picture of current knowledge on green extraction in terms of innovative processes, original methods, alternative solvents and safe products, and provides the necessary theoretical background as well as industrial application examples and