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Geoghegan, Mark - Nanoscale Science and Technology, e-kirja

Nanoscale Science and Technology

Geoghegan, Mark


Future applications of nanoscale science and technology include motors smaller than the diameter of a human hair and single-celled organisms programmed to fabricate materials with nanometer precision.
Miniaturisation has

Wang, Xiaodong - Nanoscale Thermoelectrics, e-kirja

Nanoscale Thermoelectrics

Wang, Xiaodong


Table of contents
1. Thermoelectric Effects: Semiclassical and Quantum Approaches from the Boltzmann Transport Equation
Andrés Cantarero, F. Xavier Àlvarez
2. Electron Transport Engineering by Nanostructures for Efficient Thermoelectrics
Je-Hyeong Bahk, Ali Shakouri
3. Thermal Conductivity of Particulate

Fridkin, Vladimir - Ferroelectricity at the Nanoscale, e-kirja

Ferroelectricity at the Nanoscale

Fridkin, Vladimir


Table of contents
1. Ferroelectricity and Ferroelectric Phase Transition
Vladimir Fridkin, Stephen Ducharme
2. Thin Ferroelectric Films and the Finite-Size Effect
Vladimir Fridkin, Stephen Ducharme
3. Critical Size in Ferroelectricity

Li, Shibin - Nanoscale Sensors, e-kirja

Nanoscale Sensors

Li, Shibin


Table of contents
1. Recent Progress in the Development of Novel Nanostructured Biosensors for Detection of Waterborne Contaminants
Ankush A. Gokhale, Jue Lu, Ilsoon Lee
2. Nanosensors for Intracellular Raman Studies
Patrick I. T. Thomson, Colin J. Campbell
3. BioFET-SIM: A Tool for the Analysis and Prediction

Schmuki, Patrik - Electrochemistry at the Nanoscale, e-kirja

Electrochemistry at the Nanoscale

Schmuki, Patrik


Table of contents
2. Theories and Simulations for Electrochemical Nanostructures
E.P.M. Leiva, Wolfgang Schmickler
3. SPM Techniques
O.M. Magnussen
4. X-ray Lithography Techniques, LIGA-Based Microsystem Manufacturing: The Electrochemistry…

Wang, Zhiming M. - Nanoscale Photonics and Optoelectronics, e-kirja

Nanoscale Photonics and Optoelectronics

Wang, Zhiming M.


Self-Assembled Guanosine-Based Nanoscale Molecular Photonic Devices
Jianyou Li, Hadis Morkoç, Arup Neogi
6. Carbon Nanotubes for Optical Power Limiting Applications
Shamim Mirza, Salma Rahman, Abhijit Sarkar, George Rayfield
7. Field Emission Properties