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Kobayashi, Hisatoshi - Intelligent Nanomaterials, e-kirja

Intelligent Nanomaterials

Kobayashi, Hisatoshi


Apart from fundamental aspects of fabrication and characterization of nanomaterials, it also covers key advanced principles involved in utilization of functionalities of these nanomaterials in appropriate forms. It is very important

Geckeler, Kurt E. - Advanced Nanomaterials, e-kirja

Advanced Nanomaterials

Geckeler, Kurt E.


In this first comprehensive compilation of review chapters on this hot topic, more than 30 experts from around the world provide in-depth chapters on their specific areas of expertise, covering such essential topics as:
* Block Copolymer Systems, Nanofibers…

Cai, Weiping - Nanomaterials: Processing and Characterization with Lasers, e-kirja

Nanomaterials: Processing and Characterization with Lasers

Cai, Weiping

Alk. 171,60€

The first in-depth treatment of the synthesis, processing, and characterization of nanomaterials using lasers, ranging from fundamentals to
the latest research results, this handy reference is divided into two main sections. After introducing the concepts of lasers, nanomaterials,

Lukehart, Charles M. - Nanomaterials: Inorganic and Bioinorganic Perspectives, e-kirja

Nanomaterials: Inorganic and Bioinorganic Perspectives

Lukehart, Charles M.


Connecting inorganic chemistry to the hottest topic in materials science, this timely resource collects the contributions made by leading inorganic chemists towards nanomaterials research. The second volume in the “Wiley Encyclopedia of Inorganic Chemistry Methods and Applications Series,”

Ramesh, K.T. - Nanomaterials, e-kirja


Ramesh, K.T.


Table of contents
2. Nanomaterials
K.T. Ramesh
3. Fundamentals of Mechanics of Materials
K.T. Ramesh
4. Nanoscale Mechanics and Materials: Experimental Techniques
K.T. Ramesh
5. Mechanical Properties: Density and Elasticity

Guler, Mustafa O. - Therapeutic Nanomaterials, e-kirja

Therapeutic Nanomaterials

Guler, Mustafa O.


Addressing a cutting-edge, multidisciplinary field, this book reviews nanomaterials and their biomedical applications. It covers regeneration, implants, adhesives, and biosensors and strategies for more efficient therapy, diagnosis, and drug delivery with the use of nanotechnology.
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Eftekhari, Ali - Nanostructured Materials in Electrochemistry, e-kirja

Nanostructured Materials in Electrochemistry

Eftekhari, Ali


Providing the unique and vital link between the worlds of electrochemistry and nanomaterials, this reference and handbook covers advances in electrochemistry through the nanoscale control of electrode structures, as well as advances in nanotechnology through electrochemical synthesis strategies.

Garc?a-Mart?nez, Javier - Nanotechnology for the Energy Challenge, e-kirja

Nanotechnology for the Energy Challenge

Garc?a-Mart?nez, Javier


Part II Efficient Energy Storage is concerned with the potential use of nanomaterials in more efficient energy storage systems such as advanced batteries, supercapacitors and hydrogen storage.
Part III Energy Sustainability shows how nanotechnology helps to use