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Blain, Neil - Media, Monarchy and Power, e-kirja

Media, Monarchy and Power

Blain, Neil


Is obsession with the Royal Family in Britain a fact of culture or an illusion of media culture? What interest do the European media display in their royal families? Does twenty-first century monarchy remain a political and ideological force - or is it just an economic commodity? Media,

Mansel, Philip - Monarchy and Exile, e-kirja

Monarchy and Exile

Mansel, Philip


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Monarchical Exile
Philip Mansel, Torsten Riotte
Part I. Varieties of Exile
2. A Queen Mother in Exile: Marie De Médicis in the Spanish Netherlands and England, 1631–41
Toby Osborne
3. Gender, Exile and The Hague Courts of Elizabeth, Queen of Bohemia and Mary, Princess

Wilkinson, Philip - The British Monarchy For Dummies, e-kirja

The British Monarchy For Dummies

Wilkinson, Philip


Includes insights into the lives of the current royal family
Britain's heritage told through the colourful lives of its kings and queens
The monarchy is at the heart of British life. If you're going to understand Britain and its history, you need to understand the story

Allinson, Rayne - A Monarchy of Letters, e-kirja

A Monarchy of Letters

Allinson, Rayne


Table of contents
1. Tedius and Paynefull: Letter Writing in English Royal Diplomacy
Rayne Allinson
2. My Skrating Hand: The Making of Elizabeth’s Correspondence
Rayne Allinson
3. Entering the Stage: Elizabeth’s Use of Letters in…

Storrs, Christopher - The Resilience of the Spanish Monarchy 1665-1700, e-kirja

The Resilience of the Spanish Monarchy 1665-1700

Storrs, Christopher


A radical new analysis of how and why Spain and its empire survived during the reign of the last Spanish Habsburg, Carlos II (1665-1700). As Storrs makes clear, the survival of the Spanish empire in this period was not wholly due to the aid of its... Copying…

Belien, Paul - A Throne in Brussels, e-kirja

A Throne in Brussels

Belien, Paul


Offers a history of the monarchy of Belgium, a country artificially created in 1817. This book argues that the pan-European super-state resembles a 'Greater-Belgium' rather than a 'Greater-Switzerland'.