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Ai, Ming - Mobility Management, e-kirja

Mobility Management

Ai, Ming


Table of contents
Part I. Fundamental Concepts and Principles
1. Introduction
Shanzhi Chen, Yan Shi, Bo Hu, Ming Ai
2. Mobility Management Reference Models
Shanzhi Chen, Yan Shi, Bo Hu, Ming Ai
3. Mobility Objects and Technologies
Shanzhi Chen, Yan Shi, Bo Hu, Ming Ai
4. Application of Mathematical

Flügge, Barbara - Smart Mobility, e-kirja

Smart Mobility

Flügge, Barbara


Das Smart Mobility-Vorgehensmodell
Barbara Flügge
14. Referenz-Architektur Smart Mobility
Nicolas Liebau
Teil IV. Handlungsempfehlungen
15. Identifizierung von Maßnahmen und operativen Umsetzungsbedarfen
Barbara Flügge
16. Innovationen

Sørensen, Carsten - Enterprise Mobility, e-kirja

Enterprise Mobility

Sørensen, Carsten


Table of contents
1. Mobility — Emerging Challenges
Carsten Sørensen
2. Technology — Enabling Capabilities
Carsten Sørensen
3. Work — Facing Paradoxes
Carsten Sørensen
4. Creativity — Fluid Performances
Carsten Sørensen
5. Collaboration — Transparent Interdependencies

Bakhouya, Mohamed - Geopositioning and Mobility, e-kirja

Geopositioning and Mobility

Bakhouya, Mohamed

Alk. 94,95€

This book presents a general overview of the applications and use of geopositioning and GNSS for assisting the supervision and management of mobile terrestrial professions, information, traffic regulation, multimodal information, pedestrian mobility and indoor geopositioning, etc. It especially

Düh, Julia - Data and Mobility, e-kirja

Data and Mobility

Düh, Julia


Re-thinking Urban Mobility Services and Operations
Kyandoghere Kyamakya, Oana Mitrea
17. Road Weather Information Service in Finland
Risto Öörni, Satu Innamaa, Risto Kulmala
18. Using Vehicles as Mobile Weather Platforms
Sheldon Drobot, Michael

Hammadi, Slim - Advanced Mobility and Transport Engineering, e-kirja

Advanced Mobility and Transport Engineering

Hammadi, Slim

Alk. 130,70€

An Agent-based Information System for Searching
and Creating Mobility-aiding Services, Slim Hammadi and Hayfa Zgaya.
3. Inter-vehicle Services and Communication, Sylvain Lecomte, Thierry Delot and Mikael Desertot.
4. Modeling and Control of Traffic

Chalk, Bridget T. - Modernism and Mobility, e-kirja

Modernism and Mobility

Chalk, Bridget T.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Modernism’s Passport Problems
Bridget T. Chalk
2. “I Am Not England”: D. H. Lawrence, National Identity, and Aboriginality
Bridget T. Chalk
3. An Independent Bureaucrat: Classification and Nationality…

Roy, Jeffrey - From Machinery to Mobility, e-kirja

From Machinery to Mobility

Roy, Jeffrey


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Jeffrey Roy
2. Bureaucracy Versus Mobility
Jeffrey Roy
3. Cognition and Place
Jeffrey Roy
4. Openness and Ownership
Jeffrey Roy
5. Cybersecurity
Jeffrey Roy
6. Payments and Privacy