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Koons, Robert C. - Metaphysics: The Fundamentals, e-kirja

Metaphysics: The Fundamentals

Koons, Robert C.


Metaphysics: The Fundamentals presents readers with a systematic, comprehensive introductory overview of modern analytic metaphysics. Presents an accessible, up-to-date and broad-ranging survey of one of the most dynamic and often daunting sub-fields

Adorno, Theodor W. - Metaphysics: Concept and Problems, e-kirja

Metaphysics: Concept and Problems

Adorno, Theodor W.


This volume makes available in English for the first time Adorno's lectures on metaphysics. It provides a unique introduction not only to metaphysics but also to Adorno's own intellectual standpoint, as developed in his major work Negative Dialectics.

Benovsky, Jiri - Meta-metaphysics, e-kirja


Benovsky, Jiri


Table of contents
Part I. On Equivalence and Primitiveness
1. Equivalent Metaphysical Theories
Jiri Benovsky
2. Partially Equivalent Metaphysical Theories
Jiri Benovsky
3. Non-equivalent Metaphysical Theories
Jiri Benovsky

Livanios, Vassilis - Science in Metaphysics, e-kirja

Science in Metaphysics

Livanios, Vassilis


Table of contents
1. Against Dispositional Monism
Vassilis Livanios
2. Against Identity Theory and Neutral Monism
Vassilis Livanios
3. In Defence of Categorical Monism
Vassilis Livanios
4. Categorical Monism and Quidditism

Witt, Charlotte - Feminist Metaphysics, e-kirja

Feminist Metaphysics

Witt, Charlotte


The Metaphysics of Sex and Gender
Ásta Kristjana Sveinsdóttir
5. Ontological Commitments, Sex and Gender
Mari Mikkola
6. Metaphors of Being a Φ
Marilyn Frye
7. The Metaphysics of Relational Autonomy

Gale, Richard M. - The Blackwell Guide to Metaphysics, e-kirja

The Blackwell Guide to Metaphysics

Gale, Richard M.


The Blackwell Guide to Metaphysics is a definitive introduction to the core areas of metaphysics. It brings together sixteen internationally respected philosophers that demonstrate how metaphysics is done as they

Hazlett, Allan - New Waves in Metaphysics, e-kirja

New Waves in Metaphysics

Hazlett, Allan


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Allan Hazlett
2. Quantification, Naturalness, and Ontology
Ross P. Cameron
3. Two Composition Questions in Action
Sara Rachel Chant
4. Another Look at the Reality of Race, By Which I Mean Race

Needham, Paul - Macroscopic Metaphysics, e-kirja

Macroscopic Metaphysics

Needham, Paul


Table of contents
1. Mereology
Paul Needham
2. Occupying Space
Paul Needham
3. Constitution
Paul Needham
4. Distributivity and Cumulativity
Paul Needham
5. The Ancients’ Ideas of Substance
Paul Needham
6. The…