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Mack, Robert L. - Critical Media Studies: An Introduction, e-kirja

Critical Media Studies: An Introduction

Mack, Robert L.

Alk. 38,30€

Fully revised to reflect today’s media environment, this new edition of Critical Media Studies offers students a comprehensive introduction to the field and demonstrates how to think critically about the power

Valdivia, Angharad - A Companion to Media Studies, e-kirja

A Companion to Media Studies

Valdivia, Angharad


A Companion to Media Studies is a comprehensive collection that brings together new writings by an international team to provide an overview of the theories and methodologies that have produced this most interdisciplinary of fields.
Tackles a variety

Flisfeder, Matthew - Žižek and Media Studies, e-kirja

Žižek and Media Studies

Flisfeder, Matthew


Media, Ideology, and Politics
2. Žižek’s Reception: Fifty Shades of Gray Ideology
Paul A. Taylor
3. The Sublime Absolute: Althusser, Žižek, and the Critique of Ideology
Agon Hamza
4. Student Fantasies: A Žižekian Perspective on the 2012 Quebec

Kraidy, Marwan M. - Global Media Studies, e-kirja

Global Media Studies

Kraidy, Marwan M.


Global Media Studies is unique in its coverage of places, peoples, institutions, and discourses. Toby Miller and Marwan M. Kraidy provide a comprehensive “how-to” guide to the study of media, going far beyond the

Hartley, John - Digital Futures for Cultural and Media Studies, e-kirja

Digital Futures for Cultural and Media Studies

Hartley, John


An ambitious rendering of the digital future from a pioneer of media and cultural studies, a wise and witty take on a changing field, and our orientation to itInvestigates the uses of multimedia by creative and productive citizen-consumers to provide new theories of communication that accommodate

Durham, Meenakshi Gigi - Media and Cultural Studies: Keyworks, e-kirja

Media and Cultural Studies: Keyworks

Durham, Meenakshi Gigi


Bringing together a range of core texts into one volume, this acclaimed anthology offers the definitive resource in culture, media, and communication.
A fully revised new edition of the bestselling anthology in this dynamic and
multidisciplinary field.
New contributions include

Hoskins, Andrew - War and Media, e-kirja

War and Media

Hoskins, Andrew


The trinity of government, military and publics has been drawn together into immediate and unpredictable relationships in a "new media ecology" that has ushered in new asymmetries in the waging of war and terror. To help us understand these new relationships, Andrew Hoskins and Ben O'Loughlin

McMillin, Divya - International Media Studies, e-kirja

International Media Studies

McMillin, Divya


International Media Studies is a bold introduction to the field that focuses on a de-centering of media epistemology to represent a more thorough world-view.
A comprehensive textbook exploring the current state

Georgiou, Myria - Media and the City: Cosmopolitanism and Difference, e-kirja

Media and the City: Cosmopolitanism and Difference

Georgiou, Myria


Media and the City explores the global city as the site where these questions become most prominent. As a space of intense communication and difference, the global city forces us to think about the challenges of living in close proximity to each other. Do we really