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Zhang, Tianbiao - Mechanical Engineering and Technology, e-kirja

Mechanical Engineering and Technology

Zhang, Tianbiao


The Design and Application of Boost DC Converter Power Sliding Mode Controller
Cao Long-han, Tian Li, Liu Lu, Wu Zheng-yi, Zhang Ying-chao
38. Multi-Classification LSSVM Application in Fault Diagnosis of Wind Power Gearbox
Bin Jiao, Zhixiang Xu

Davim, J. Paulo - Modern Mechanical Engineering, e-kirja

Modern Mechanical Engineering

Davim, J. Paulo


Sustainability in Mechanical Engineering Discipline
S. Vinodh, K. Jayakrishna, K. E. K. Vimal
2. Application of Solar Distillation Systems with Phase Change Material Storage
S. K. Shukla
3. Magneto-Rheological Fluid

Woo, Seongwoo - Reliability Design of Mechanical Systems, e-kirja

Reliability Design of Mechanical Systems

Woo, Seongwoo


Introduction to Reliability Design of Mechanical/Civil System
Seongwoo Woo
2. Reliability Disasters and Its Assessment Significance
Seongwoo Woo
3. Modern Definitions in Reliability Engineering
Seongwoo Woo

Gao, Feng - Advances in Mechanical Design, e-kirja

Advances in Mechanical Design

Gao, Feng


Research on Yacht Design Method Based on Game Engine
Fuyong Liu, Chaohe Chen, Guoye Long, Guanlin Li, Zhijie Ren
4. Rigid-Flexible Coupling Dynamic Modeling of a Tower Crane with Long Flexible Boom
Xuyang Cao, Yue Yang, Wenjun Wang, Zhenhua Gu
5. Study

Venkateshan, S. P. - Mechanical Measurements, e-kirja

Mechanical Measurements

Venkateshan, S. P.


The first edition of this book was co-published by Ane Books India, and CRC Press in 2008. This second edition is an enlarged version of the web course developed by the author at IIT Madras, and also a modified and augmented version of the earlier book. …

Deshpande, Abhijit P. - Modelling of Engineering Materials, e-kirja

Modelling of Engineering Materials

Deshpande, Abhijit P.


Modelling of Engineering Materials presents the background that is necessary to understand the mathematical models that govern the mechanical response of engineering materials. The book provides the basics of continuum mechanics and helps the reader

Grous, Ammar - Applied Mechanical Design, e-kirja

Applied Mechanical Design

Grous, Ammar


This book is the result of lessons, tutorials and other laboratories dealing with applied mechanical design in the universities and colleges.  In the classical literature of the mechanical design,