Haku "Mathematical"

Li, Wei - Mathematical Logic, e-kirja

Mathematical Logic

Li, Wei


Table of contents
1. Syntax of First-Order Languages
Wei Li
2. Models of First-Order Languages
Wei Li
3. Formal Inference Systems
Wei Li
4. Computability & Representability
Wei Li
5. Gödel Theorems
Wei Li

Korpela, Jukka K. - Mathematical Expressions, e-kirja

Mathematical Expressions

Korpela, Jukka K.


This guide to writing mathematical expressions covers both simple notations used in general texts and professional  formulas and equations used in natural sciences, mathematics, and other fields. It is an essential handbook for people who write, edit, or typeset of texts where

Hadeler, Karl Peter - Topics in Mathematical Biology, e-kirja

Topics in Mathematical Biology

Hadeler, Karl Peter


Table of contents
1. Coupling and Quiescence
Karl-Peter Hadeler
2. Delay and Age
Karl-Peter Hadeler
3. Lotka–Volterra and Replicator Systems
Karl-Peter Hadeler
4. Ecology
Karl-Peter Hadeler
5. Homogeneous Systems

Vaughn, Michael T. - Introduction to Mathematical Physics, e-kirja

Introduction to Mathematical Physics

Vaughn, Michael T.


A comprehensive survey of all the mathematical methods that should be available to graduate students in physics. In addition to the usual topics of analysis, such as infinite series, functions of a complex variable and some differential equations as well as linear vector spaces, this book

Alhabeeb, M. J. - Mathematical Finance, e-kirja

Mathematical Finance

Alhabeeb, M. J.


An introduction to the mathematical skills needed to understand finance and make better financial decisions

Mathematical Finance enables readers to develop the mathematical skills needed to better understand and solve financial problems

Herod, James - Mathematical Biology, e-kirja

Mathematical Biology

Herod, James


Biology, Mathematics, and a Mathematical Biology Laboratory
Ronald W. Shonkwiler, James Herod
3. Some Mathematical Tools
Ronald W. Shonkwiler, James Herod
4. Reproduction and the Drive for Survival
Ronald W. Shonkwiler, James Herod
5. Interactions

Rasch, Dieter - Mathematical Statistics, e-kirja

Mathematical Statistics

Rasch, Dieter


Explores mathematical statistics in its entirety—from the fundamentals to modern methods
This book introduces readers to point estimation, confidence intervals, and statistical tests. Based on the general theory of linear models, it provides an in-depth overview of the following: analysis

Pfanzagl, Johann - Mathematical Statistics, e-kirja

Mathematical Statistics

Pfanzagl, Johann


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Johann Pfanzagl
2. Sufficiency
Johann Pfanzagl
3. Descriptive Statistics
Johann Pfanzagl
4. Optimality of Unbiased Estimators: Nonasymptotic Theory
Johann Pfanzagl
5. Asymptotic Optimality…

Finster, Felix - Quantum Mathematical Physics, e-kirja

Quantum Mathematical Physics

Finster, Felix


Table of contents
1. On the Spin-Statistics Connection in Curved Spacetimes
Christopher J. Fewster
2. Is There a C-Function in 4D Quantum Einstein Gravity?
Daniel Becker, Martin Reuter
3. Systematic Renormalization at all Orders in…

Casari, E. - Aspects of Mathematical Logic, e-kirja

Aspects of Mathematical Logic

Casari, E.


Table of contents
1. Basic Notions and Applications of the Theory of Decidability
H. Hermes
2. On Several Continuum Hypotheses
Djurio Kurepa
3. Models of Set Theory
A. Mostowski
4. Problems and Methods of Model Theory