Haku "Management Science/Operational Research"

Almeida, João Paulo - Operational Research, e-kirja

Operational Research

Almeida, João Paulo


New Approach for Optimization of Construction and Demolition Waste Management: Application to the Lisbon Metropolitan Area
António Rebello de Andrade, Marta Castilho Gomes, Joaquim Duque
2. Existence of Nash Equilibria on Integer Programming Games

Doumpos, Michael - Operational Research in Business and Economics, e-kirja

Operational Research in Business and Economics

Doumpos, Michael


Retail Category Management: A Review on Assortment and Shelf-Space Planning Models
Marina Karampatsa, Evangelos Grigoroudis, Nikolaos F. Matsatsinis
4. Cultural and Creative Industries Innovation Strategies for New Service Development Using MCDA

Wright, Mike - Operational Research Applied to Sports, e-kirja

Operational Research Applied to Sports

Wright, Mike


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Mike Wright
2. The Optimal Aiming Line
Shaul P. Ladany, John W. Humes, Georghios P. Sphicas
3. Using Hypergames to Model Difficult Social Issues: An Approach to the Case of Soccer Hooliganism

Friedli, Thomas - Leading Pharmaceutical Operational Excellence, e-kirja

Leading Pharmaceutical Operational Excellence

Friedli, Thomas


Introduction to Leading Operational Excellence: Making OPEX a Competitive Weapon
Thomas Friedli, Prabir Basu
2. OPEX: A Definition
Thomas Friedli, Daniel Bellm
3. The History of OPEX in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Thomas Friedli, Jürgen Werani

Aidonis, Dimitrios - Supply Chain Management for Sustainable Food Networks, e-kirja

Supply Chain Management for Sustainable Food Networks

Aidonis, Dimitrios


An interdisciplinary framework for managing sustainable agrifood supply chains
Supply Chain Management for Sustainable Food Networks provides an up-to-date and interdisciplinary framework for designing and operating sustainable supply chains for agri-food products. Focus is given to

Laperche, Blandine - Enterprise Knowledge Capital, e-kirja

Enterprise Knowledge Capital

Laperche, Blandine


Thoroughly grounded in an extensive body of international research and analysis, this book investigates the concepts surrounding a firm’s knowledge capital. These concepts play an integral part in the evolution of economic and managerial thinking, particularly in relation to the themes

Cox, Louis Anthony - Breakthroughs in Decision Science and Risk Analysis, e-kirja

Breakthroughs in Decision Science and Risk Analysis

Cox, Louis Anthony


Discover recent powerful advances in the theory, methods, and applications of decision and risk analysis
Focusing on modern advances and innovations in the field of decision analysis (DA), Breakthroughs in Decision Science and Risk Analysis presents theories and methods for making, improving,

Amely, Tobias - Investition und Finanzierung für Dummies, e-kirja

Investition und Finanzierung für Dummies

Amely, Tobias


Investition und Finanzierung sind wichtige Themen in der Unternehmenspraxis und im Studium der Betriebswirtschaftslehre. Dieses Buch führt Sie anhand anschaulicher Beispiele in die Grundlagen des Themas ein und zeigt die Ziele finanzwirtschaftlichen…