Haku "Macroeconomics/Monetary Economics/Financial Economics"

Godley, Wynne - Monetary Economics, e-kirja

Monetary Economics

Godley, Wynne


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Wynne Godley, Marc Lavoie
2. Balance Sheets, Transaction Matrices and the Monetary Circuit
Wynne Godley, Marc Lavoie
3. The Simplest Model with Government Money
Wynne Godley, Marc Lavoie
4. Government Money with Portfolio Choice
Wynne Godley, Marc Lavoie

Blume, Lawrence E. - Monetary Economics, e-kirja

Monetary Economics

Blume, Lawrence E.


Great Depression, monetary and financial forces in
Satyajit Chatterjee, P. Dean Corbae
15. Hyperinflation
Juan Pablo Nicolini
16. Inflation Targeting
Lars E. O. Svensson
17. Inside and Outside Money

Arestis, Philip - Advances in Monetary Policy and Macroeconomics, e-kirja

Advances in Monetary Policy and Macroeconomics

Arestis, Philip


The Taylor Rule and Financial Derivatives: The Case of Options
Chiara Oldani
5. Credit Risk Management: Rationing vs Credit Derivatives and Consequences for Financial Stability
Stefania Vanacore
6. Animal Spirits, Confidence and Monetary Policy

Belke, Ansgar - Monetary Economics in Globalised Financial Markets, e-kirja

Monetary Economics in Globalised Financial Markets

Belke, Ansgar


Table of contents
2. Money and Credit Supply
Ansgar Belke, Thorsten Polleit
3. Money and Credit Demand
Ansgar Belke, Thorsten Polleit
4. Interest Rate Theories
Ansgar Belke, Thorsten Polleit
5. Financial Market Asset Pricing
Ansgar Belke, Thorsten Polleit
6. Causes, Costs and Benefits of Sound

Seeley, Karl - Macroeconomics in Ecological Context, e-kirja

Macroeconomics in Ecological Context

Seeley, Karl


Macroeconomics in a Constrained World
18. The Standard Model and Alternative Perspectives
Karl Seeley
19. Resource Constraints
Karl Seeley
20. Growth Under Resource Constraints
Karl Seeley
21. Business Cycles Under Resource Constraints

Ben-Haim, Yakov - Info-Gap Economics, e-kirja

Info-Gap Economics

Ben-Haim, Yakov


Table of contents
Part I. Getting Started
1. Info-Gap Theory in Plain English
Yakov Ben-Haim
2. A First Look: Stylized Example
Yakov Ben-Haim
Part II. Economic Decisions
3. Monetary Policy
Yakov Ben-Haim
4. Financial Stability
Yakov Ben-Haim
5. Topics in Public Policy
Yakov Ben-Haim

Annunziata, Marco - The Economics of the Financial Crisis, e-kirja

The Economics of the Financial Crisis

Annunziata, Marco


Table of contents
Part I. A Brief History of Portentous Times
1. Introduction
Marco Annunziata
2. How Did We Get There?
Marco Annunziata
3. The Earthquake
Marco Annunziata
Part II. Globalization: Hopes, Fears, and Shifting…

Werner, Richard A. - New Paradigm in Macroeconomics, e-kirja

New Paradigm in Macroeconomics

Werner, Richard A.


Table of contents
Part I. Introduction
1. Prologue: Searching for a New Kind of Economics
Richard A. Werner
2. Japanese Economic Performance During the 1990s
Richard A. Werner
Part II. Enigmas: Challenges to the Traditional Paradigm
3. The Enigma of the Ineffectiveness of Fiscal Policy in the 1990s

Brahm, Laurence J. - Fusion Economics, e-kirja

Fusion Economics

Brahm, Laurence J.


Fusion Economics: Burying Ideology, Dumping Theory, and Adopting Pragmatism
2. Reengineering China: Ending Ideology and Getting Pragmatic
Laurence J. Brahm
3. Voodoo Economics: Oust Outside Theory and Adopt Local Solutions

Ward, Benjamin - Dionysian Economics, e-kirja

Dionysian Economics

Ward, Benjamin


Physics and Economics—A Theory Comparo
Benjamin Ward
3. Physics and Economics—A Performance Comparo
Benjamin Ward
4. Immortal Constants
Benjamin Ward
5. Mitigations?
Benjamin Ward
Part II. Branches