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Sidebotham, Thomas H. - The A to Z of Mathematics: A Basic Guide, e-kirja

The A to Z of Mathematics: A Basic Guide

Sidebotham, Thomas H.


The A to Z of Mathematics makes math simple without making it simplistic. Both easy to use and easy to read, the book covers all the topics in basic mathematics. You'll learn the definitions of such terms as "proportion"and "hexomino,"

Delbaen, Freddy - The Mathematics of Arbitrage, e-kirja

The Mathematics of Arbitrage

Delbaen, Freddy


Table of contents
Part I.A Guided Tour to Arbitrage Theory
1. The Story in a Nutshell
2. Models of Financial Markets on Finite Probability Spaces
3. Utility Maximisation on Finite Probability Spaces
4. Bachelier and Black-Scholes
5. The Kreps-Yan Theorem
6. The Dalang-Morton-Willinger Theorem

Etingof, Pavel - The Unity of Mathematics, e-kirja

The Unity of Mathematics

Etingof, Pavel


Table of contents
1. The Interaction between Geometry and Physics
Michael Atiyah
2. Uhlenbeck Spaces via Affine Lie Algebras
Alexander Braverman, Michael Finkelberg, Dennis Gaitsgory
3. New Questions Related to the Topological Degree

Brummelen, Glen - Mathematics and the Historian’s Craft, e-kirja

Mathematics and the Historian’s Craft

Brummelen, Glen


History or Heritage? An Important Distinction in Mathematics and for Mathematics Education
Ivor Grattan-Guinness
3. Ptolemy’s Mathematical Models and their Meaning
Alexander Jones
4. Mathematics, Instruments and Navigation, 1600–1800
Jim Bennett

Emmer, Michele - Mathematics and Culture II, e-kirja

Mathematics and Culture II

Emmer, Michele


Introduction: Visual Mathematics and Computer Graphics
Michele Emmer
9. Math Awareness Month 2000: An Interactive Experience
Thomas F. Banchoff, Davide P. Cervone
10. Visual Topology and Variational Problems on Two-Dimensional Surfaces

Boccaletti, Dino - The Mathematics of Minkowski Space-Time, e-kirja

The Mathematics of Minkowski Space-Time

Boccaletti, Dino


Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. N-Dimensional Commutative Hypercomplex Numbers
3. The Geometries Generated by Hypercomplex Numbers
4. Trigonometry in the Minkowski Plane
5. Uniform and Accelerated Motions in the Minkowski Space-Time (Twin Paradox)
6. General Two-Dimensional Hypercomplex Numbers