Haku "Law and Economics"

Mathis, Klaus - Law and Economics in Europe, e-kirja

Law and Economics in Europe

Mathis, Klaus


To What Extent Is the Opposition Between Civil Law and Common Law Relevant for Law and Economics?
Régis Lanneau
3. Comparative Study of Legal Reasoning in Swiss and UK Courts
Lynn Watkins
Part II. Economic and

Huber, Bruce R. - Environmental Law and Economics, e-kirja

Environmental Law and Economics

Huber, Bruce R.


Environmental Law and Economics in Europe
Sebastian Heselhaus
4. Defending Environmental Economic Instruments Against the Economists and Their Opponents
Felix Ekardt, Jutta Wieding
5. Escaping the Epistemic Trap

White, Mark D. - Law and Social Economics, e-kirja

Law and Social Economics

White, Mark D.


Environmental Ethics, Economics, and Property Law
Steven McMullen, Daniel Molling
3. Individual Rights, Economic Transactions, and Recognition: A Legal Approach to Social Economics
Stefano Solari
4. Institutionalist Method and Forensic Proof

Marciano, Alain - Law and Economics in Europe and the U.S., e-kirja

Law and Economics in Europe and the U.S.

Marciano, Alain


The Law, The Economy, The Polity Jürgen Backhaus, A Thinker Outside the Box
Jean-Michel Josselin, Alain Marciano, Giovanni Battista Ramello
2. Economic Efficiency and the Law: Distinguishing Form from Substance

Kümmel, Reiner - The Second Law of Economics, e-kirja

The Second Law of Economics

Kümmel, Reiner


Table of contents
1. Prologue: Time Travel with Abel
Reiner Kümmel
2. Energy
Reiner Kümmel
3. Entropy
Reiner Kümmel
4. Economy
Reiner Kümmel
5. Epilogue: Decisions Under Uncertainty
Reiner Kümmel

Bag, Sugata - Economic Analysis of Contract Law, e-kirja

Economic Analysis of Contract Law

Bag, Sugata


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Sugata Bag
2. Basics of Economic Theory of Contract
Sugata Bag
3. Economics of Damage Remedies I: Unilateral Reliance, One-Sided Information Asymmetry
Sugata Bag
4. Economics of Damage Remedies II: Bilateral Reliance, One-Sided Information Asymmetry
Sugata Bag

Gregg, Samuel - Natural Law, Economics and the Common Good, e-kirja

Natural Law, Economics and the Common Good

Gregg, Samuel


At the core are two related ideas much mentioned but far more rarely examined: the idea of natural law and that of the common good. In these essays the foundations and meaning of these notions are carefully studied and put to work in examining the nature and scope

Alabrese, Mariagrazia - Agricultural Law, e-kirja

Agricultural Law

Alabrese, Mariagrazia


Agricultural Law from a Global Perspective: An Introduction
Mariagrazia Alabrese
Part I. Environmental Protection and Food Security at the Cross-Roads with Agricultural Law
2. Sustainable Agricultural Production, Environmental Sustainability and Food Security: