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Bain, Andy - Law Enforcement and Technology, e-kirja

Law Enforcement and Technology

Bain, Andy


Technology at Work: Attitudes Toward Law Enforcement in “Social” Media
Bryan K. Robinson
6. Technology that Aids the Investigative Process
James A. Conser, Louis P. Carsone
7. Technology Limitations in Policing

Brazell, Lorna - Intellectual Property Protection and Enforcement, e-kirja

Intellectual Property Protection and Enforcement

Brazell, Lorna


Incorporating the latest developments in IP law, Intellectual Property Protection and Enforcement reviews each of the principal forms of intellectual property right available in the United Kingdom, describing the nature of the right itself and explaining:

Kosseff, Jeff - Cybersecurity Law, e-kirja

Cybersecurity Law

Kosseff, Jeff


A definitive guide to cybersecurity law
Expanding on the author’s experience as a cybersecurity lawyer and law professor, Cybersecurity Law is the definitive guide to cybersecurity law, with an in-depth analysis