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Poblete, Juan - Humor in Latin American Cinema, e-kirja

Humor in Latin American Cinema

Poblete, Juan


Table of contents
1. Cinema and Humor in Latin America: An Introduction
Juan Poblete
2. Luis Sandrini’s Stutter, Early Argentine Film Comedy, and the Representability of Time
Nilo Fernando Couret
3. “Comrades, There Are Moments in Life That Are Truly Momentary”: Cantinflas and the Administration of Public

Rashotte, Ryan - Narco Cinema, e-kirja

Narco Cinema

Rashotte, Ryan


Table of contents
1. What Is Narco Cinema?
Ryan Rashotte
2. Hecho de coca: A Sentimental Education
Ryan Rashotte
3. Two Foul Score of the Brothers Almada
Ryan Rashotte
4. Narcas y Narcos
Ryan Rashotte
5. … and Narco Gays?
Ryan Rashotte
6. Postscript: From Culiacán to Cannes