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Peczenik, Aleksander - On Law and Reason, e-kirja

On Law and Reason

Peczenik, Aleksander


Table of contents
1. The Dilemma of Legal Reasoning: Moral Evaluation or Description of the Law?
2. Rationality of Moral Judgments
3. Rationality of Legal Reasoning
4. The Ultimate Justification of Moral and Legal Reasoning
5. What is Valid Law?
6. The Doctrine of the Sources of the Law
7. The Methods of

Zamboni, Mauro - Law and Politics, e-kirja

Law and Politics

Zamboni, Mauro


Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. A Methodology of Analysis and Certain Key-concepts
3. The Autonomous Model
4. The Embedded Model
5. The Intersecting Model
6. Contemporary Legal Theory and the Dilemma of Law


Klabbers, Jan - The Internationalization of Law and Legal Education, e-kirja

The Internationalization of Law and Legal Education

Klabbers, Jan


Internationalizing the American Law School Curriculum (in Light of the Carnegie Foundation’s Report)
Larry Catá Backer
6. Resolving Multicultural Legal Cases: A Bottom Up Perspective on the Internationalization of Law
Wibo M. Rossum
7. Maternity

Henning-Bodewig, Frauke - Law Against Unfair Competition, e-kirja

Law Against Unfair Competition

Henning-Bodewig, Frauke


The Law Against Unfair Competition and Its Interfaces
Reto M. Hilty
2. International Unfair Competition Law
Frauke Henning-Bodewig
3. Protection Against Unfair Competition at the International Level — The Paris Convention, the 1996 Model Provisions

McGregor-Lowndes, Myles - Charity Law & Social Policy, e-kirja

Charity Law & Social Policy

McGregor-Lowndes, Myles


Charity, the Law and Social Policy in the UK
1. Charity: Concept, Parties and Governing Principles
2. Charity, the Law and Politics: The Emergence of Contemporary Social Policy Issues in England & Wales
II. A Functional

Coskun, Deniz - Law As Symbolic Form, e-kirja

Law As Symbolic Form

Coskun, Deniz


Table of contents
1. Cassirer As A Public Person
1. Cassirer's Public Engagement with Weimar
2. Cassirer And Heidegger. An Intermezzo on Magic Mountain
3. Cassirer In Exile An Essay On The Recovery Of Individual Moral Judgement
4. The Politics Of Myth. Cassirer's Pathology Of The Totalitarian State
2. Law As

Wacks, Raymond - Law: A Very Short Introduction, e-kirja

Law: A Very Short Introduction

Wacks, Raymond


Law touches every aspect of our daily lives, and yet the main concepts, terms, and processes of the legal system remain obscure to many. This Very Short Introduction provides a clear, jargon-free account of modern legal systems, explaining how the law

Singleton, Susan - Competition Law Compliance: 2008, e-kirja

Competition Law Compliance: 2008

Singleton, Susan


The Enterprise Act 2002 tightened the law still further making it a criminal offence to engage in "horizontal" price fixing and bid rigging. As a result, the UK has one of the toughest competition law regimes in the EU. However,

Iacovino, Livia - Recordkeeping, Ethics and Law, e-kirja

Recordkeeping, Ethics and Law

Iacovino, Livia


The recordkeeping-ethics-law nexus and recordkeeping regulatory models
2. Identity, trust, evidence and the recordkeeping nexus
3. Legal and social relationships and the recordkeeping nexus
4. Recordkeeping participants: legal and ethical responsibilities