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Jerome, Jerome K. - Evergreens, e-kirja


Jerome, Jerome K.


In Jerome’s short story Evergreens the nature, the animals and the human beings are described by means of continuous combinations as a whole that merges with each part. Jerome then focuses on a few anecdotes about dogs and his past experience…

Jerome, Jerome K. - The Love of Ulrich Neberdahl, e-kirja

The Love of Ulrich Neberdahl

Jerome, Jerome K.


Jerome K. Jerome’s The Love of Ulrich Neberdahl tells the story of Ulrich in search of the love of his life. The theme is love and especially the difficulty of understanding what kind of love is right for each

Jerome, Jerome K. - John Ingerfield, e-kirja

John Ingerfield

Jerome, Jerome K.


Jerome tells the story of John Ingerfield, a rich oil refiner, who is now financially stable so that he decide it is time to find a wife. He imagines how the girl would be: young, beautiful, well educated. He finally ask a friend, Will, to choose the most suitable girl for him. Thus, when

Jerome, Jerome K. - The Philosopher's Joke, e-kirja

The Philosopher's Joke

Jerome, Jerome K.


Six friends get together to Königsberg where they meet an old gentleman, very similar to the philosopher Immanuel Kant, who talks with them. For a joke, a dream, or maybe just because the universe is the result of our perceptions, they start a strange…

Jerome, Jerome K. - Racconti dopo cena, e-kirja

Racconti dopo cena

Jerome, Jerome K.


uniti a raccontarsi storie di fantasmi. Ogni personaggio narra una storia di fantasmi all’interno della cornice principale del racconto, creando una serie di racconti nel racconto, che si concludono poi con il racconto finale del narratore principale.…

Jerome, Jerome K. - Passing of the Third Floor Back, e-kirja

Passing of the Third Floor Back

Jerome, Jerome K.


Jerome K. Jerome’s story Passing of the Third Floor Back takes place within the Board of Mrs. Pennycherry, in Bloomsbury. The main character is “a stranger” who brings to this secondrate board kindness and

Jerome, Jerome K. - Mrs. Korner Sins Her Mercies, e-kirja

Mrs. Korner Sins Her Mercies

Jerome, Jerome K.


Jerome K. Jerome’s Mrs. Korner Sins Her Mercies revolves around the married life of the Korners and their everyday problems. Mrs. Korner seems to be unhappy and she desires a more common and lighthearted husband.

Jerome, Jerome K - L'amore di Ulrich Nebendahl, e-kirja

L'amore di Ulrich Nebendahl

Jerome, Jerome K


L’amore di Ulrich Nebendahl titolo originale The love of Ulrich Nebendahl, di Jerome K. Jerome traduzione di Valeria Campilongo. Il racconto narra la storia di Ulrich, riparatore di ruote, alla ricerca dell’amore