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Rizvi, Syed Aun R. - Developments in Islamic Finance, e-kirja

Developments in Islamic Finance

Rizvi, Syed Aun R.


Sukuk for the Financing of Non-revenue Water Management: Malaysia as a Case Study
Kulsanofer Syed Thajudeen
3. Role of Takaful in Raising Higher Education Enrollment in Pakistan
Muhammad Imran, Mohsin Khawja
4. Ṣukūk Default and Issues in Their Resolution:

Jamaldeen, Faleel - Islamic Finance For Dummies, e-kirja

Islamic Finance For Dummies

Jamaldeen, Faleel

Alk. 18,35€

A detailed look at the fast-growing field of Islamic banking and finance
The global Islamic finance market is now worth about $700 billion worldwide. Islamic Finance

Habib, Syeda Fahmida - Fundamentals of Islamic Finance and Banking, e-kirja

Fundamentals of Islamic Finance and Banking

Habib, Syeda Fahmida


A comprehensive and fully up-to-date introductory textbook to Islamic finance and banking
Islamic finance and banking is being used increasingly globally — especially in the regions of Middle East and North Africa, South East and South Asia. To