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Corcoran, Farrel - RTÉ and the Globalisation of Irish Television, e-kirja

RTÉ and the Globalisation of Irish Television

Corcoran, Farrel


It has played a major role in dominating the symbolic environment in which Irish people construct their sense of identity and weave the “common sense” that underpins the everyday life of the community. RTÉ’s social role has been to find ways of “narrating

Byron, Reginald - Irish America, e-kirja

Irish America

Byron, Reginald


Few writers on the Irish in America have looked beyond the nineteenth-century ethnic enclaves of New York, Boston, Philadelphia, or Chicago, or have asked how the notion of an Irish-American ethnic identity in contemporary America can be reconciled with

Gillespie, Niall - Irish Gothics, e-kirja

Irish Gothics

Gillespie, Niall


The Irish Protestant Imaginary: the Cultural Contexts for the Gothic Chapbooks Published by Bennett Dugdale, 1800–5
Diane Long Hoeveler
4. Irish Jacobin Gothic, c. 1796–1825
Niall Gillespie
5. Suffering Rebellion: Irish

Ingelbien, Raphaël - Irish Cultures of Travel, e-kirja

Irish Cultures of Travel

Ingelbien, Raphaël


‘Brethren and Sisters Going Abroad’: Irish Travel Writing Beyond the Grand Tour
Raphaël Ingelbien
3. Towards ‘Mass’ Irish Tourism: Infrastructures of Travel and of Public Discourse
Raphaël Ingelbien

Harte, Liam - Modern Irish Autobiography, e-kirja

Modern Irish Autobiography

Harte, Liam


‘With a Heroic Life and a Governing Mind’: Nineteenth-Century Irish Nationalist Autobiography
Sean Ryder
3. Creating the Self, Recreating the Nation: The Politics of Irish Literary Autobiography from Moore to Behan

Mannion, Elizabeth - The Contemporary Irish Detective Novel, e-kirja

The Contemporary Irish Detective Novel

Mannion, Elizabeth


Table of contents
1. A Path to Emerald Noir: The Rise of the Irish Detective Novel
Elizabeth Mannion
2. Hello Dálaigh: Peter Tremayne’s Sister Fidelma
Nancy Marck Cantwell
3. A ‘honeycomb world’: John Connolly’s Charlie Parker Series
Brian Cliff
4. ‘Where no kindness goes unpunished’:

Keating, Kenneth - Contemporary Irish Poetry and the Canon, e-kirja

Contemporary Irish Poetry and the Canon

Keating, Kenneth


Table of contents
1. Spectres of Irish Poetry
Kenneth Keating
2. Paul Muldoon’s Horse Latitudes: Absence, Interdependence and Death
Kenneth Keating
3. Source Texts and Authorial Identity in Medbh McGuckian’s “The Good Wife Taught her Daughter”
Kenneth Keating
4. Paul Durcan and the Death of

Morgan, Jack - New World Irish, e-kirja

New World Irish

Morgan, Jack


Harold Frederic, the Irish, and The Damnation of Theron Ware
Jack Morgan
Part II. Twentieth Century
7. The Liffey to the Red River
Jack Morgan
8. John Ford, the Irish, and His Cavalry Trilogy
Jack Morgan