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Middleton, Simon - What You Need to Know About Marketing, e-kirja

What You Need to Know About Marketing

Middleton, Simon


Marketing is shrouded in arcane mystery and buzzwords. It frightens many and bewilders others. Yet every business, from the hand-car-wash by the side of the road, to the world's most famous brands, engage in marketing every single day. This is an essential,

Brooks, Gregory - Marketing For Dummies, e-kirja

Marketing For Dummies

Brooks, Gregory


Marketing is one of the most important aspects in business today, but it’s also highly competitive and complicated, with intricate strategies and methods of delivery to understand and retain.
This straight-forward guide leads you through every aspect of marketing.

Mortimer, Ruth - Marketing For Dummies, e-kirja

Marketing For Dummies

Mortimer, Ruth


Smart marketing techniques to get your business noticed.
Plan a successful marketing campaign and move your business forward with this fully updated edition of an established bestseller. Packed with practical advice from a team of industry experts,

Newlands, Murray - Online Marketing: A User's Manual, e-kirja

Online Marketing: A User's Manual

Newlands, Murray


Online Marketing has all the answers. Murray Newlands tells you everything you need to know; how to do it; how to do it even better; and what the future might hold. With this book you’ll get closer to your customers, increase conversions, learn more about the

Carter, Ben - Digital Marketing For Dummies, UK Edition, e-kirja

Digital Marketing For Dummies, UK Edition

Carter, Ben


Thirty million online UK customers are just a click away, and Digital Marketing For Dummies shows you how to reach them. The author team of internet and marketing experts introduce you to the latest high-impact tools and techniques so you can promote

Cowpertwait, Paul S.P. - Introductory Time Series with R, e-kirja

Introductory Time Series with R

Cowpertwait, Paul S.P.


Table of contents
2. Time Series Data
Paul S.P. Cowpertwait, Andrew V. Metcalfe
3. Correlation
Paul S.P. Cowpertwait, Andrew V. Metcalfe
4. Forecasting Strategies
Paul S.P. Cowpertwait, Andrew V. Metcalfe
5. Basic Stochastic…

Borchardt, Hans-Jürgen - Dezentrales Marketing und Crowdsourcing, e-kirja

Dezentrales Marketing und Crowdsourcing

Borchardt, Hans-Jürgen


Klassisches Marketing ist nicht selten gepr?gt durch eine systembedingte Tr?gheit, unzureichende Beachtung der Kundenerwartungen, zentralistische Strukturen, wunschbasierte Planzahlen oder unzureichende Koordination mit internen Partnern. All dies f?hrt dazu, dass Unternehmen nicht oder