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Daase, Christopher - Recognition in International Relations, e-kirja

Recognition in International Relations

Daase, Christopher


Table of contents
Part I. Conceptual Foundations
1. Gradual Processes, Ambiguous Consequences: Rethinking Recognition in International Relations
Anna Geis, Caroline Fehl, Christopher Daase, Georgios Kolliarakis
2. Recognition between States? Moving beyond Identity Politics
Mattias Iser
Part II. Recognition

Steans, Jill - Gender and International Relations, e-kirja

Gender and International Relations

Steans, Jill


The third edition of Jill Steans’ popular and highly respected text offers a comprehensive and up to date introduction to gender in international relations today. Its nine chapters have been fully revised and expanded to cover key issues,

Czaputowicz, Jacek - International Relations in Poland, e-kirja

International Relations in Poland

Czaputowicz, Jacek


Polish International Relations in Historical Perspective
Jacek Czaputowicz, Anna Wojciuk
4. International Relations Under Communism
Jacek Czaputowicz, Anna Wojciuk
5. International Relations After 1989

Chernoff, Fred - Theory and Metatheory in International Relations, e-kirja

Theory and Metatheory in International Relations

Chernoff, Fred


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Fred Chernoff
2. Three Policy Dilemmas
Fred Chernoff
3. Policy Decisions and Theories of International Relations
Fred Chernoff
4. International Relations and Scientific Criteria for Choosing a Theory
Fred Chernoff
5. Reflectivist Opposition to the Scientific

Goldsmith, Benjamin E. - Imitation in International Relations, e-kirja

Imitation in International Relations

Goldsmith, Benjamin E.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Benjamin E. Goldsmith
2. Choice, Learning, and Foreign Policy
Benjamin E. Goldsmith
3. A Theory of Imitation in Foreign Policy
Benjamin E. Goldsmith
4. Are Elites Influenced by Foreign Analogies?
Benjamin E. Goldsmith
5. State-Level Effects on Elite Imitation

Koschut, Simon - Friendship and International Relations, e-kirja

Friendship and International Relations

Koschut, Simon


A Framework for the Study of International Friendship
Andrea Oelsner, Simon Koschut
Part II. Conceptions
2. Friendship, State, and Nation
Graham M. Smith
3. Friendship, Security, and Power
Felix Berenskoetter
4. The Sources of Affect in Interstate

Jeffery, Renée - Evil and International Relations, e-kirja

Evil and International Relations

Jeffery, Renée


Table of contents
1. Understanding Evil
Renée Jeffery
2. The Meaning of Suffering
Renée Jeffery
3. The Problem of Evil
Renée Jeffery
4. Moral Evil
Renée Jeffery
5. Moral Monsters
Renée Jeffery
6. Evil as…

Woodwell, Douglas - Nationalism in International Relations, e-kirja

Nationalism in International Relations

Woodwell, Douglas


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Douglas Woodwell
2. Nationality, Nation, and Ethnicity
Douglas Woodwell
3. Sovereignty and Self-Determination: Conflicting Norms as the Basis for International Conflict
Douglas Woodwell
4. The Determinants of Aggressive Behavior in Irredentist-Type Situations