Haku "Industrial and Production Engineering"

Prado-Prado, J. Carlos - Annals of Industrial Engineering 2012, e-kirja

Annals of Industrial Engineering 2012

Prado-Prado, J. Carlos


Production and Operations Management
22. Managing Qualities, Tones and Gages of Ceramic Supply Chains Through Master Planning
M. I. Mundi, M. M. E. Alemany Díaz, A. Boza, R. Poler
23. Strategic Capacity Planning in KIOs: A Classification Scheme

Davim, J. Paulo - Diagnostic Techniques in Industrial Engineering, e-kirja

Diagnostic Techniques in Industrial Engineering

Davim, J. Paulo


Remanufacturing: An Industrial Strategy for Economic Benefits
Adarsh Anand, Gunjan Bansal, Mohini Agarwal, Deepti Aggrawal
5. Computer Interfaces in Diagnostic Process of Industrial Engineering
Lata Nautiyal, Preeti Malik, Mangey Ram
6. Models for Soil

Schuh, Günther - Future Trends in Production Engineering, e-kirja

Future Trends in Production Engineering

Schuh, Günther


Research and Demonstration Center for the Production of Large-Area Lithium-Ion Cells
G. Reinhart, T. Zeilinger, J. Kurfer, M. Westermeier, C. Thiemann, M. Glonegger, M. Wunderer, C. Tammer, M. Schweier, M. Heinz
2. Flexible Manufacturing of Lightweight Frame

Watada, Junzo - Innovative Management in Information and Production, e-kirja

Innovative Management in Information and Production

Watada, Junzo


The Application of Fuzzy Interval Correlation Evaluating the Relationship Between Transportation Engineering and Air Pollution
Yu-Ting Cheng, Chih-Ching Yang
32. On Efficiency of Time Management for School Leaders with Fuzzy Data
Chiu-Ying Chao, Chih-Wei