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Arthur, Paul Longley - Advancing Digital Humanities, e-kirja

Advancing Digital Humanities

Arthur, Paul Longley


Table of contents
1. Collecting Ourselves
Katherine Bode, Paul Longley Arthur
Part I. Transforming Disciplines
2. Exercises in Battology
Mark Byron
3. Stylometry of Dickens’s Language
Tomoji Tabata
4. Patterns and Trends…

Daniel, Hans-Dieter - Research Assessment in the Humanities, e-kirja

Research Assessment in the Humanities

Daniel, Hans-Dieter


Research Assessment in the Humanities: Introduction
Michael Ochsner, Sven E. Hug, Hans-Dieter Daniel
Part I. Setting Sail into Stormy Waters
2. The ‘Mesurer les Performances de la Recherche’ Project of the Rectors’ Conference of the Swiss Universities

Leo, Jeffrey R. - Corporate Humanities in Higher Education, e-kirja

Corporate Humanities in Higher Education

Leo, Jeffrey R.


Table of contents
1. Corporate Literature
Jeffrey R. Leo
2. Humanities, Inc.
Jeffrey R. Leo
3. Paralogical Inquiry
Jeffrey R. Leo
4. Apocalyptic Fear
Jeffrey R. Leo
5. Critical Affiliations
Jeffrey R. Leo
6. Wrangling with Rank
Jeffrey R. Leo
7. Authorial Prestige

Zhou, Jie - Complex Sciences, e-kirja

Complex Sciences

Zhou, Jie


Identifying Social Communities in Complex Communications for Network Efficiency
Pan Hui, Eiko Yoneki, Jon Crowcroft, Shu-Yan Chan
35. Hypernetworks of Complex Systems
Jeffrey Johnson
36. Less Restrictive Synchronization Criteria in Complex Networks

Miritello, Giovanna - Temporal Patterns of Communication in Social Networks, e-kirja

Temporal Patterns of Communication in Social Networks

Miritello, Giovanna


Table of contents
1. Introduction and Motivations
Giovanna Miritello
2. Social and Communication Networks
Giovanna Miritello
3. Social Strategies in Communication Networks
Giovanna Miritello
4. Predicting Tie Creation and Decay
Giovanna Miritello
5. Information Spreading on Communication Networks