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Oakeshott, Michael - What Is History?, e-kirja

What Is History?

Oakeshott, Michael


There are two new essays on the philosophy of education, and the essay which gives the work its title, ‘What is History?’, is just one of over half a dozen discussions of the nature of historical knowledge. Oakeshott’s later sceptical, ‘hermeneutic’, thought

Whatmore, Richard - What is Intellectual History?, e-kirja

What is Intellectual History?

Whatmore, Richard


What is intellectual history? Those who practice intellectual history have described themselves as eavesdroppers upon the conversations of the past, explorers of alien ideological worlds, and translators between historic societies and our own, while

Cooke, Roger - The History of Mathematics: A Brief Course, e-kirja

The History of Mathematics: A Brief Course

Cooke, Roger


This new edition brings the fascinating and intriguing history of mathematics to life
The Second Edition of this internationally acclaimed text has been thoroughly revised, updated, and reorganized to give readers a fresh perspective on the evolution of mathematics. Written by one of

Payaslian, Simon - The History of Armenia, e-kirja

The History of Armenia

Payaslian, Simon


Table of contents
Part I. Origins and Formation
1. Dynasties and the Geopolitics of Empire: The Ervanduni and the Artashesian Dynasties
Simon Payaslian
2. Culture, Language, and Wars of Religion: Kings, Marzpans, Ostikans
Simon Payaslian

Hewitson, Mark - History and Causality, e-kirja

History and Causality

Hewitson, Mark


Social History, Cultural History, Other Histories
Mark Hewitson
4. Causes, Events and Evidence
Mark Hewitson
5. Time, Narrative and Causality
Mark Hewitson
6. Explanation and Understanding
Mark Hewitson
7. Theories of Action and the

Alexander, Sally - History and Psyche, e-kirja

History and Psyche

Alexander, Sally


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Sally Alexander, Barbara Taylor
Part I. Freud, Freudianism, and History
2. The Psychoanalytic Corner: Notes on a Conversation with Peter Gay
Michael S. Roth
3. Freud, Fin-de-siècle Politics, and…

Rossabi, Morris - A History of China, e-kirja

A History of China

Rossabi, Morris


Capturing China’s past in all its complexity, this multi-faceted history portrays China in the context of a larger global world, while incorporating the narratives of Chinese as well as non-Chinese ethnic groups and discussing people traditionally left out of the story—peasants,

Ewen, Shane - What is Urban History?, e-kirja

What is Urban History?

Ewen, Shane


Urban history is a well-established and flourishing field of historical research. Written by a leading scholar, this short introduction demonstrates how urban history draws upon a wide variety of methodologies and sources, and has been integral to the

Totman, Conrad - A History of Japan, e-kirja

A History of Japan

Totman, Conrad


This is an updated edition of Conrad Totman’s authoritative history of Japan from c.8000 BC to the present day.
The first edition was widely praised for combining sophistication and accessibility.
Covers a wide range of subjects, including geology, climate, agriculture, government

Potts, John - A History of Charisma, e-kirja

A History of Charisma

Potts, John


Table of contents
1. The History of a Word
John Potts
2. The Roots of Charisma
John Potts
3. Paul Invents Charisma
John Potts
4. Charisma Eclipsed
John Potts
5. Where Did Charisma Go?
John Potts
6. Weber Reinvents Charisma
John Potts
7. Twentieth-Century Charismatics