Haku "Hepatology"

Heathcote, E. Jenny - Hepatology: Diagnosis and Clinical Management, e-kirja

Hepatology: Diagnosis and Clinical Management

Heathcote, E. Jenny


This book will be an affordable, highly practical handbook on hepatology, aimed at residents/trainees in gastroenterology, GI nurses, and recently qualified consultants to use as a quick reference when managing patients presenting with possible or overt liver disease.

Brind, Alison - Hepatology at a Glance, e-kirja

Hepatology at a Glance

Brind, Alison


Hepatology at a Glance is an accessible, illustrated introduction to this increasingly important specialty. This brand new title helps the reader to develop a solid understanding of liver disease, and to recognise, diagnose and treat all types of routinely encountered liver and biliary disorders.

Dancygier, Henryk - Clinical Hepatology, e-kirja

Clinical Hepatology

Dancygier, Henryk


Table of contents
Part I. Structure and Function of the Liver
1. Embryonic Development
Henryk Dancygier
2. Gross Anatomy
Henryk Dancygier
3. Microscopic Anatomy
Henryk Dancygier
4. Hepatic Circulation
Henryk Dancygier

Kuntz, Erwin - Hepatology Principles and Practice, e-kirja

Hepatology Principles and Practice

Kuntz, Erwin


Table of contents
1. History of Hepatology
2. Morphology of the Liver
3. Biochemistry and Functions of the Liver
4. Clinical findings
5. Laboratory diagnostics
6. Sonography
7. Liver biopsy and laparoscopy
8. Radiological diagnostics

Krishnamurthy, Gerbail T. - Nuclear Hepatology, e-kirja

Nuclear Hepatology

Krishnamurthy, Gerbail T.


Table of contents
1. Morphology and Microstructure of the Hepatobiliary System
Gerbail T. Krishnamurthy, Shakuntala Krishnamurthy
2. Liver and Spleen Function
Gerbail T. Krishnamurthy, Shakuntala Krishnamurthy
3. Imaging Agents

Ahmad, Jawad - Mount Sinai Expert Guides: Hepatology, e-kirja

Mount Sinai Expert Guides: Hepatology

Ahmad, Jawad


Mount Sinai Expert Guides: Hepatology will provide gastroenterology and hepatology trainees with an extremely clinical and accessible handbook covering the major liver diseases and symptoms, their diagnosis and clinical management.  

Schiff, Eugene R. - Schiff's Diseases of the Liver, e-kirja

Schiff's Diseases of the Liver

Schiff, Eugene R.


For over 50 years covering 10 previous editions, Schiff's Diseases of the Liver has provided hepatologists with an outstanding evidence-based clinical reference work covering all aspects of liver disease, and is without doubt one of the world’s leading hepatology textbooks.  Now

Thomas, Howard C. - Viral Hepatitis, e-kirja

Viral Hepatitis

Thomas, Howard C.


Written and edited by world's leading authorities, the new edition of this leading textbook features new chapters covering the very latest developments in extrahepatic manifestations and new anti-viral treatments for HBV and HCV. With individual sections…

McCaughan, Geoffrey W. - Advanced Therapy for Hepatitis C, e-kirja

Advanced Therapy for Hepatitis C

McCaughan, Geoffrey W.


Hepatologists, both researchers and front-line clinicians, now have a comprehensive guide to the treatment of patients with the HCV virus. This book focuses mainly on the efficacy and clinical use of antiviral therapies, including the use of antivirals…